10 ways to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day

Whether you do the commercialised flowers and choccies, you prefer to take a more sentimental experiential approach or you don’t buy into it at all, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show someone you really care about just how important they are to you.

As our lives get increasingly busy, we often forget to show ourselves that same degree of self-love (and let’s face it, you’re pretty important in your own life so you deserve some TLC!). Perhaps this Valentine’s Day could be a good opportunity to do something special just for yourself.

Here are 10 ways to show yourself some love this February 14.

1. Date night

Spend some time with yourself and go on a ‘date’ on your own. Being comfortable with spending alone time can give us better mental clarity (aka time to create space in your mind and time to think). What would you really like to do that you might not normally be able to or might seem self-indulgent?

Go to see a movie, walk on the beach, pack a picnic lunch, go to a nice restaurant… spending time alone doesn’t have to be boring.

2. Love letter

What do you love about you? Write a letter to yourself about all the things you can think of. If that feels a bit too cheesy, you can just make a list ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you struggle to do this, sometimes it can be about reframing things – and that can take practice. I used to dislike my thighs for being so bulky looking, but it wasn’t until I did rowing that I ditched that mindset and started appreciating them for being strong!

3. Your bright future

Dreaming about good things to come and what you want for yourself can be incredibly fulfilling. Make a vision board featuring your future. What do you want your life to look like? Family? Friends? Career? Health? Home?

Putting effort into it and having a think about those goals in relation to where you are now can help you evaluate whether you are on the right track, and whether you need to make any changes in order for those goals to happen.

4. Time for some self-care

I was a little surprised during my teacher’s training that yoga philosophy places emphasis on self-care as being important to nourish the body and the mind; but I totally get it. I love the saying, ‘Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others’. Taking the time to look after ourselves helps us to recharge and feel valued.

A massage, manicure/pedicure, eat healthy delicious food, get a new haircut, take a long bath – do what makes you feel pampered and you’ll finish it feeling like a million bucks.

5. Outdoor time

There’s something incredibly grounding about getting outside and spending time in nature. Humans weren’t made to live in walled off buildings with artificial light and air, so it’s no wonder we feel better after receiving some sunshine, having a breeze on our face or dipping our toes in the water.

Go for a walk or run in the park, swim in the ocean, hug a tree, or go for a bike ride.

6. Get indulgent

How often do we indulge ourselves with the best things in life? You don’t have to go overboard here or spend a lot of money. I do it each week by having blueberries in the house which feels like a real treat (fresh when they’re in season, otherwise frozen).

Sometimes I do it by getting a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. Best quality chocolate, a luxurious new item of clothing, freshly squeezed juice. We’re talking quality over quantity or value here. It can be something small but decadent. What feels like a treat to you?

7. Go off the grid

It’s difficult to really wind down when technology is blaring notification alerts all the time. Turn all the technology off, disconnect from the world and settle into a comfy chair with a book, have a bubble bath or put your feet up and read a magazine.

8. Edit your calendar

Feeling overwhelmed all the time? Take a serious look at your calendar and reschedule or cancel things you really don’t need to be dealing with (if you can’t do it for the long term, at least consider doing it for a week!). Learning to say no and not overcommit your time is a huge step towards showing more care for yourself and giving you more time for the things you love.

9. Sign up for excitement

If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately, the perfect way to pull yourself out is to add more excitement back into your life. Taking lessons in something new will challenge your mind and give you a fresh focus – and there are so many possibilities!

Arts and crafts, clubs, sports, languages, dancing, cooking… Think outside the box as there might be something unusual you might find really fun to give a go. It’s how I got into ice skating!

10. Leave yourself love notes

Grab yourself some post-its and write positive compliments, reassurances, quotes and affirmations on them. As you go about your normal day, leave them in random places you would regularly encounter; the inside of your diary, your computer screen, the front of your fridge, your car steering wheel, your bathroom mirror. Next time you see them you’ll be reminded of how wonderful you are ๐Ÿ™‚

Image / Pixabay

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