1000 tees for breast cancer awareness

1000 tees

1000 teesBy the end of summer, 1,000 New Zealand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer – an average of eight women diagnosed every day.

In response to these alarming statistics, the NZBCF is launching 1000 Tees for 1000 Women – a campaign to raise funds to create a new, tailored counselling service for women with breast cancer.

The concept: 1,000 tees for 1,000 women

1,000 t-shirts numbered one to 1,000 will be available to purchase for the dollar value of their individual number. The NZBCF aims to raise $500,000 from the sale of 1000 Tees for 1000 Women.

Funds will go toward a free, tailored professional counselling programme for women affected by breast cancer, with the 1,000 women diagnosed this summer the first to receive the service.

The programme will complement the existing support framework provided by the NZBCF, which includes funding of one-on-one and group physical rehabilitation services, practical support services for women with advanced breast cancer, online and printed materials and a free breastcare nurse advice line, as well as assisting  breast cancer support groups around the country.

Most importantly, the service will provide counselling and support that meets the specific needs of each individual woman, depending on her personal circumstances.

The importance of personalised support

‘Providing personalised support is overwhelmingly important. The 1,000 women diagnosed this summer will be at different stages in their lives, and will want support in different ways’, says Rebecca Wadey, official ambassador of 1000 Tees for 1000 Women, breast cancer survivor and journalist.

Counselling has been shown to significantly improve prospects for women going through treatment. In fact, a meta-analysis in the United States showed mortality rates were as much as 39% higher in patients who had been diagnosed with major depression.

‘Knowing you don’t have to go it alone can make a real difference in the journey that these women go through’, Ms Wadey continues.

The NZBCF’s personal approach to its new counselling service is reflected in its campaign.

A unique fashion statement

With just 1,000 one-off tees available for sale, there is only one opportunity to purchase each number, meaning each tee is limited edition and entirely unique – touching on the individual and personal journey each women undergoes.

In addition, each individual tee has been designed using a bespoke font, which was originally designed for the highly acclaimed Wallpaper* magazine and donated by New York-based company, Commercial Type.

As well as raising funds, the tees will also raise awareness of breast cancer in New Zealand, act as a symbol of support by the wearer, and encourage others to lend their own generosity.

‘Each tee is a tribute to one of the 1,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer this summer, a sign that those women are receiving the support they need, and a symbol of the generosity of the wearer’, says Evangelia Henderson, CEO NZBCF.

New Zealanders can show their support for 1000 Tees for 1000 Women and New Zealand women with breast cancer by purchasing a t-shirt and wearing it proudly. Visit www.1000women.co.nz to purchase.

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