The 100’s workout

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woman crunching100 reps may seem like a lot, but giving yourself a target to complete 100 repetitions of a series of exercises is a great way of making sure you achieve a decent volume of work in one session and helps give you something specific to work towards. Take a notebook and pen with you as you will need them to keep track of how many reps you have completed!

The 100’s workout

5-10 minutes of light cardio exercise (i.e. walking/jogging on the spot)

You have 45 minutes to complete as much of this workout as possible. If you come in at under 45 minutes, record your time and that’s a personal best for you to beat next time you go through it!

There are six exercises and you will be aiming to complete 100 reps in total of each of them; they consist of a squat movement, lunge, pushing movement, pulling movement, a cardio exercise and a core exercise.

For each of the following, you can do them in any order, but complete no more than 25 reps of each at a time. This means you should be having a minimum of 4 sets for each exercise if you can complete the entire workout within your time limit. Push yourself to do as many reps as you possibly can for each ‘set’, but if you can do more than 25, the exercise is too easy and needs to be adjusted!

Give yourself a quick 30 second drinks break/rest every time you have rotated through the six exercises.

  • Dumbell seat touch squats
    This can either be bodyweight only or you can pick a dumbell/water bottle weight that is heavy enough you can do no more than 25 reps in a row. Holding one in each hand and with a seat or bench behind you, squat until your butt touches the seat, then stand back up.
  • Dumbell alternating lunges
    Holding dumbells or water bottles in each hand, take a step forward and lunge, then return to your original position before lunging on the opposite leg. One on each side equals one rep!
  • Push ups
    Focus on your technique, try starting on your toes and drop to your knees if you have to. Aim is ‘goalpost’ arms – elbows come to bend at 90 degrees with a neutral line from your head along your spine, core engaged.
  • Bar pull ups
    Angle yourself under a bar so that you are underneath facing up to the bar with arms extended, feet flat on the ground or fully extended so your body makes a straight line for the advanced version. The bar can be the stretching bar at the gym, part of a fence if you’re out and about, or perhaps even part of a playground at your local park. Maintaining a straight back and engaged core, pull yourself in towards the bar and let yourself back out.
  • Star jumps or burpees
    Star jumps are for your easier option, if you want to take the hard road, choose burpees. For the burpees: hands to ground, jump feet out, jump feet in, stand up and jump with your hands in the air.
  • Full body extensions
    Lying flat on your back, bring your knees up to 90 degrees and crunch forward to try and touch the outsides of your ankles, then fully extend your arms straight above you and legs straight below you while keeping your belly braced. Focus on keeping your lower back down on the ground as you extend your body, if it is lifting upwards, keep your arms and legs a little higher in the air as you extend (i.e. don’t bring them down to the ground) to suit your core strength.

If you would like a bit of variety, remember you can change these out for your own exercises!

5-10 minutes of stretching

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