4 non-cheesy date ideas to get you out of the house

couple heart

couple heartPartner not much into the romantic stuff but you’re eager to get out of the house and go on a real date? Check out these great low budget date ideas to bring the two of you closer together (minus the cheesiness factor).

Learn something new

Think of something neither of you have tried before and sign up for a lesson or just give it a go. Stand up paddleboarding and surfing are great if you’re both outdoorsy – especially while there’s still some summer sun left! Otherwise a tennis lesson, cooking class, observatory viewing, museum event, or craft class (woodworking? pottery?) could be a goer. You can often get good deals on coupon sites like www.grabone.co.nz or www.groupy.co.nz.

Find a comedy or music act

It doesn’t have to be a headlining international music act or big name comedian. Head down to your local pub or small comedy club and see an act you’ll both enjoy. If you have any extra budget, you can make a night of it and go out to dinner as well. Not much money to spare? Go on a food court date – you can choose from a wider range of foods and you’ll keep the cost down.

Put on your tourist hat

We don’t often bother checking out our home town in the same way a tourist would. Pretend you’re not from around here and go visit a few landmarks or tourist attractions. Bonus points if you’ve never been there before!

Get sporty

Find a local sports match to attend. Even if they’re teams you’ve never heard of in a sport you don’t usually watch, find out when and where your local rugby team, league team or netball team is playing and go support them. There will likely be very little cost involved – if any. Want something less mainstream? Find a lacrosse match or if you’re in an area with an ice rink, check out an ice hockey game.

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Michal Marcol

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