5 Top Sleep Tips for Kids


daughterTrying to get the kids to go to bed at the end of the day can be an uphill battle at the best of times, and unfortunately for some parents, getting children into bed can be a nightmare on a daily occasion.

Kirsten Taylor is a fully qualified naturopathic sleep specialist, medical herbalist and founder of herbal remedy company SleepDrops, so she is well versed on helping to prepare children for bedtime!

Kirsten says sleep is integral to a child’s physical and mental development but research shows 20 per cent don’t get the recommended amount of sleep needed and up to 40 per cent have poor sleep schedules.


To celebrate the release of her illustrated children’s book SleepTime at the Zoo – a story about visiting a variety of animals at the zoo which contains a bedtime checklist for kids and adults to go through together – we caught up with Kirsten and asked for her top tips to help get children to sleep:

1. Technology
No interaction with ‘screens’ for 1.5 hours before bed time. Includes mobile/smart phones, iPads, tablets and computers.

2. Routine
Set a bed time routine, including time to wind down and turn the lights out each night at the same time. Be consistent.

3. Body Temperature
A bath or shower directly before lights out helps to increase sleepiness.

4. Connection
Make time to read together (age dependant) or for a quiet chat about what’s happening at school.

5. Room
Ensure their room is not too cold and not too hot. It needs to be dark and quiet. Night lights should be turned off when parents go to bed.

sleep time at the zooSleepTime at the Zoo is a beautiful bed time story book illustrated by Tony McNeight and written by the team at SleepDrops including two pages of practical and easy to implement sleeping tips designed to change your life!

Make SleepTime at the Zoo an important part of your night time routine with your child.

It is the perfect present for your family or for a loved one who is struggling with their child. Now available for purchase on the SleepDrops website for NZD $22.50

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