7 tips for a low budget wedding


weddingSo you’ve made the big leap and you’re getting hitched – hurrah! Figuring out your wedding budget is not quite as exciting as getting engaged, but it’s a necessity. If you are planning a low budget wedding, we’ve got 7 tips to help you organise your big day without going overboard on the spending.

1. Have a smaller reception and wedding party

The smaller the wedding, the fewer the costs – you’ll save on outfits (bridesmaids/groomsmen), flowers, food, favours and drinks which all easily mount up. If you’re worried about all the people you ‘have to’ invite rather than ‘want to’, why not think about an overseas wedding? New Zealand is so close to the Pacific Islands you can have a fuss free wedding and reception, AND already be in your honeymoon spot, as many resorts offer wedding package details. As long as you give advanced warning by sending out Save the dates, your guest list will likely end up being your closest friends and family.

2. Do it yourself or get a friend to help

Making things yourself, such as the Save the dates, wedding invitations and wedding favours. If you’re not particularly artsy or craftsy, ask a friend who is good at these sorts of things to help you out.

3. Do your research

Don’t buy the first dress or put your deposit down on the first venue you come across. Shop around and make sure you’re getting a good deal wherever possible – find out when seasonal sales and wedding expos are on so you can arm yourself with information.

4. Decide what memories are most important

Photographers and videographers usually charge by the hour and can end up costing a fair bit. Do you want photos with everyone at your wedding, or just those closest to you? Do you really want and need 100+ edited photos from your entire wedding day, or just 40 of the preparation and actual wedding ceremony? Get quotes from a range of professionals and ask to see examples of their work to make sure you like their style.

5. Something borrowed…

Rather than buying new earrings or a new veil, why not borrow them from your mum, grandmother or best friend? Think about what you can borrow rather than spending your money. At any rate, it’s tradition to borrow something!

6. Decide on your overall budget (and stick to it!)

Look at your finances and figure out exactly what your budget is. Plan out how much everything will cost you – any pre-wedding events, the wedding ceremony, reception, honeymoon and any extras – and figure out how to make it come within your budget. It can be easy to get carried away, so planning ahead can stop you from going overboard.

7. Have everything in one place

Find a fantastic venue where you can do everything in one place. Holding your wedding ceremony and reception at the one location can save you on transportation, decorating and hireage fees so it could be well worth your while! If you’re on a super low budget, look at the local gardens in your area and find out if they allow weddings to be hosted there, or if you have a family friend with a beautiful property, you could ask if they would consider having your celebrations there.

Got more tips of your own to keep wedding costs down? Comment below!

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Elwood W. McKay III

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