7 tips to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

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woman jumpingNew year’s resolutions are easy to make, but not so easy to keep. Jenny Craig has seven tips on how to stick to your resolutions and achieve your goals in 2014.

1. Be realistic

Don’t aim for everything! Just aim for one resolution and even break that down into mini-resolutions such as; I’m going to lose 5kg, I’m going to have two alcohol days per week.

2. Make them enjoyable goals

Make them something you really want to do. You’ll get the health benefits without really trying. Do the walking or cycling track you’ve always wanted to, learn to salsa or learn to meditate.

3. Make them positive goals

Shift the focus from a negative to a positive to get the same outcome. Instead of saying “I’m cutting out fat and sugar”, say “I’m going to fill half my plate with vegetables/salads every night”.

Compared with 2006/07, more men are eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables a day, but fewer women are eating the recommended amount of fruit. So step up your fruit and vegetable intake to at least three servings of vegetables and at least two servings of fruit each day.

4. Include pleasure within the pain

Try to give up smoking but book into a health spa retreat, and do the detox and pampering at the same time. Or promise to walk for at least 30 minutes most days of the week – then buy yourself the cute little puppy who will need to walk as much as you!

5. Do it with a friend

Build a supportive network around you as it’s easier to commit to something if you have support and it’s often more enjoyable. Choose a friend who shares your passion for healthy cooking classes, get a professional coach to help you manage your weight, or go to pilates with a friend.

6. Avoid previous resolutions

Deciding to re-visit a past resolution sets you up for frustration and disappointment. Try to change it slightly and focus on another aspect.

7. Focus on the benefits

Regularly remind yourself of the benefits associated with achieving your goals by creating a checklist of how life would be better once you obtain your aim. For example, I feel more alert and happy with less weight.

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