7 tips to make your marriage last

sunset weddingMarriage is a great adventure, but it can also take a lot of effort, compromise and commitment from you and your partner to make it work.

Here are some of our top tips to help make your marriage last.

1. Make your marriage top priority

When we put other things such as ourselves, children or careers first, marriage can suffer as a result. If you put your marriage first, you and your partner will be in a better space to raise your children and you will likely be in a happier space at work as well.

2. Never stop talking

Talk about each other’s day, your feelings, stories you have heard, share old memories, what you want for your future… Cellphones, the internet, television and mismatched timetables can play havoc with your ability to do something as simple as talking face to face; make a real effort to spend time talking with your significant other every day.

3. Invest time in each other

If you don’t already do it, introduce date night. This means just the two of you – no friends, children or relatives invited! Spending real one-on-one time with your partner is important for your relationship.

Go on a dinner date, go out for a coffee, go out for dessert, play mini golf, head out for a romantic walk through the park or along the beach, go to the movies… If you’re not in the position to leave older kids with a sitter or relative, start an ‘at home’ date night. Give the children their favourite easy meal, get a video rental and they can have movie night in another room while you and your partner cook a fabulous meal for yourselves. Eat it at the dining table, at an outdoor table or take a blanket outside to sit on for a posh picnic.

4. Remember to give and take

You can’t always be right! In some situations you will need to relinquish ‘the win’ and sometimes you may need to agree to disagree in order to reach some kind of a resolution. Talk through and try to resolve any disagreements you and your partner have, rather than let arguments simmer and drag on.

5. Retain your standards and your own interests

What’s important for you to maintain happiness? Is there a hobby you love to do? Do you need to get out of town for a holiday once a year? Is it important for you to get to the gym several times a week? Discuss this with your partner and learn what they want to do as well.

These things may seem selfish, but working out a balance so the both of you can continue to focus on some of your interests will make you a happier couple. Even if you’re each unable to do all the things you want right now, you have now brought out into the open some goals to work towards together.

6. Learn to grow and evolve together

As we grow older, our hopes, wants and dreams change. If you and your partner don’t grow and evolve together, this is when you run the risk of waking up five years from now and no longer recognising them. Become experts at taking stock of your lives; re-evaluate your goals and discuss what you both want for your futures – both individually and as a couple.

7. Remember what attracted you to each other in the first place

Was it the colour of their eyes? Sense of humour? A joint interest? Remember to appreciate each other and recall how you felt on your wedding day and during your honeymoon. Don’t expect compliments if you never compliment your partner and to that effect, give compliments if you want them yourself! Try to focus on the positives of each other and leave negativity behind.

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What are your top tips to make your marriage last? Comment below and let us know!

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