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golden echo

golden echoRating: 3.5 out of 5

Kiwi songstress Kimbra has been further honing her musical talents since releasing Vows three years ago. After debuting in New Zealand at #5 on the Albums Chart, her second album The Golden Echo has been impressing critics around the globe.

The sound:

Following on from the jazz-influenced Vows, this album is more along the lines of pop – but not as you know it. An eclectic mix of amped up pop fuelled by soul, funk and RnB, channelling a range of sounds from Prince-esque tracks to disco.

The tracks:

The Golden Echo has 12 new songs to grab your attention, swing your around, shake you up and let you down gently; a rollercoaster of samples, vocals and influences.

Opening trackΒ Teen Heat begins with a beat that sounds like the demo drum track on the basic 90’s Casio keyboards. It sets the tone with for the rest of the album with it’s synth-laden music and dynamic chorus.

90’s Music was the first single released back in May this year; a quirky track to introduce us to Kimbra’s new work with surprises, stutters and high-pitched vocals.

The RnB styled Goldmine is our favourite pick; effortlessly smooth vocals backed by a slow rolling beat. Miracle is dripping with disco and a funk-inspired chorus with heavy bass and synth strings reminiscent of Jamiroquai. Madhouse returns to the funk era, busily layered and channelling Prince and Janet Jackson.

Slower beat ballads with ethereal vocals are also peppered throughout the tracklist.

The verdict:

May be a bit busy for some as it’s packed with a lot of texture and draws on a range of inspirations, but we reckon The Golden Echo is a good opportunity to take a break from the mainstream starlets focusing more on celebrity than their craft and indulge yourself in some intelligent pop music.Β  For more info on Kimbra, take a look at kimbramusic.com.

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