Album Review: Kimbra – Vows (Deluxe Edition)

Rating: 5 out of 5

You know you’re starting to hit it big in the music world when they re-release your album as deluxe edition with added bonus tracks. Hamilton-born Kimbra has been receiving critical acclaim for her music, quirky powerful stage presence, and has also picked up a number of awards and accolades since Vows was first released.

Read on for our thoughts on Vows (Deluxe Edition), a re-release of last year’s album that now includes a bonus disc.

The sound:

Vows is Kimbra’s debut album and what an incredible introduction it is; this upcoming songstress has an impressive vocal range and demonstrates it’s soulful capabilities well across the diverse tracks. She shifts effortlessly between funk, jazz, disco and pop, and even though each track has it’s own flavour, she merges the genres in a way that has established her own unique sound. The record took Kimbra three and a half years to craft while she concentrated on her musical development and growth; which already showcases remarkable maturity for someone so early into her music career.

The tracks:

As for the standout tracks, the opener Settle Down is a vocally layered treat; her standalone ‘boom boom boom bah’ percussive opening will hook you within the first five seconds and as the song builds you’ll begin to see why Kimbra’s the name on everyone’s lips. Later, the playful Good Intent ventures into latin beat territory, luring you in like a lounge singer and giving you a good telling off in the same breath.

The new ‘Deluxe Edition’ of Vows adds an extra six tracks to the original offering, so if you’ve been holding out on purchasing the album, now’s the time to do it. With her ever-increasing international success, this re-release is a testament to how well Kimbra is doing (and before you ask, her chart-topping duet with Aussie Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know isn’t on here).

There’s more genre crossing between a couple of slower pop ballads, the old-school-funk-meets-big-band Come Into My Head, and our fave track from the bonuses, Warrior – an 80’s pop/rock/synth song created as a collaboration for shoe-giant Converse.

The verdict:

Her look, her sound, and her thoughtful lyrics are a breath of fresh air amidst the ever-present looming shadow of manufactured pop. We love Kimbra and reckon she’s set to take the world by storm, keep an eye out for her in the future!

For more info on Kimbra, visit her official site at www.kimbramusic.com

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