Album review: Red – Taylor Swift

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Country pop songstress Taylor Swift has transitioned from cute young girl trying to make it in the music industry (using… gasp… the music she’d wrote herself or in collaboration rather than just using other people’s songs!), to a confident young woman with millions of record sales and now, four studio albums under her belt. The 22 year old can do no wrong and her latest album Red has been topping international sales charts around the world. So what’s the new music really like?

The sound:

Taylor Swift has made it no secret that she has roots in country music and the influence is audible throughout the album. By that token though, this is also pop at its best. Lots of vocals, guitars and drums with a bit of banjo thrown in every now and then. Big choruses, thoughtful verses and big built-up bridges.

The tracks:

As Taylor has grown up, her music and lyrics have grown up with her. From young teen daydreams of being Juliet on a white horse, Red is now a tribute to her experiences and lessons with crazy love (in her words, the ‘red’ relationships – the kind that are ‘treacherous, sad, beautiful and tragic’).

Opener State of Grace is a gorgeous, rhythm-heavy anthemic track which is a perfect start to this album. 22 is a fun poke at her current ‘miserable and magical’ age, no doubt a nod to one of her tracks from a previous album Fifteen where she did an impressive job of drawing a lyrical picture of what it was like to be a teenager.

We Are Never Getting Back Together is the #1 multi-platinum selling single that kickstarted this album’s release, and the catchy girl-power hit song will have you singing along with her (is this the one written about Scrubs star Zach Braff?…). I Knew You Were Trouble is just as catchy and takes Swift in a slightly different direction interspersed with some heavy electronic beats. All Too Well is a slow, building ballad with lyrics that shows the sad, wistful side of the album; and love.

The verdict:

Taylor certainly has a way with songwriting; she knows how to translate her lyrics and music into chart topping hits. A must-have for summer and for anyone who has ever fallen in or out of love. Taylor Swift fans won’t be disappointed.

For more info on Taylor Swift, visit www.taylorswift.com.

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