Book Review: The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness – Louise Thompson

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Corporate executive Louise Thompson should have been in the prime of her life at the age of 37. Instead she found herself bedridden with extreme fatigue, lacking the energy to even dress herself. Yet doctors have her the all-clear, confused that she was the ‘healthiest sick person’ they’d seen. With no answers on how to solve her declining health, Louise set about finding ways to transform her life and committed to tackling the root of the issue rather than just the symptoms.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness is Louise’s firsthand account of how to transform your life back to vitality, blending her personal experience of fatigue with life-coaching smarts and relaxation techniques.

What’s inside it?

In her new profession as a life coach, Louise has collected some great case examples of clients who have experienced fatigue in different forms and has created simple, practical steps – including interactive worksheets and exercises – you can do to help address them and adopt new ways of thinking. The book encourages you to take responsibility for your life and the choices that you make, helps you to set your priorities, teaches you actions to help you get out of your fatigue rut, and by doing all this empowers you to make the changes needed to get there.

These changes may be as simple as learning to say ‘no’ to people so that you aren’t committing yourself to unecessary tasks that cause you to run yourself ragged, or making your own health and wellbeing a top priority so you will always make it to the gym for your classes and have the time to relax and read a book.

Read it if…

You’re feeling tired all the time but can’t put your finger on why (or how to fix it). For more information and some great freebies to help you get started on your journey to high energy happiness, visit www.louisethompson.com.

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