Book review: The Calorie Fallacy – Dr Libby

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How many of us have been told that if we burn more calories than we eat, weight loss will be inevitable? How many of us have discovered that this century old philosophy does not seem to apply to our body no matter how hard we work, in this modern world? What if this equation is outdated and in many cases wrong?

The Calorie Fallacy is designed to help you stop dieting and start living, to stop counting calories and discover it’s time for a new model of how to influence body shape and size and live your best life.

What’s inside it?

Dr Libby Weaver is known for taking a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and weight loss. Adopting a more scientific view of the weight loss equation, Dr Libby looks at how food and environmental factors affect us at a biochemical level, supported with case studies.

She looks at the ‘calorie equation’ and why it’s more than just calories in vs. calories out, how the liver works and signs of poor functioning, the importance of nourishment (including the quality and type of foods we eat), and how our nervous system, hormones and metabolism can be affected by factors such as stress levels or lack of sleep.

Read it if…

You are trying to lose or maintain weight but want to adopt a more practical and straightforward approach (along with gaining a better understanding of how your body reacts to food and environmental factors from a scientific perspective).

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