Book Review: Casual Cooking – Annabelle White

As a household name when it comes to Kiwi kitchens, Annabelle White brings together some of her winning recipes and personal favourites in Casual Cooking. This book demonstrates that cooking can be simple, fun and rewarding; it’s about enjoying the simple and glorious pleasure of feeding your family and friends.

What’s inside it?

You’ll find some simple, impressive yet stress free recipes that you can whip up in a short amount of time. Great for day-to-day cooking if you want to step up your game! The Light Meals section will be great for summertime cooking; The Duck & Fresh Cherry Salad and the Mushroom Parmesan Risotto look divine.

As for the mains, the Easy Lemon Chicken on Mash, and John’s Barbecue Chicken are our favourites. You’ll also find a number of other marinades and assorted sauces which will be perfect for barbecues.

In the desserts, you’ll find a mix of traditional desserts and some more modern ones that will definitely impress the guests.

Read it if…

You would like some good basic, tasty and quick recipes to add to your weekly menus. Also great if you’re big on the barbecues over the summertimes as there are some interesting marinades and salads to spice up your outdoor cooking.

For more info, visit www.annabellewhite.com.

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