Book Review: D.VICE advice – Ema Lyon & Wendy Lee

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Do you want to reignite the flame with your partner? What can you do to ensure sex is fun and orgasmic? How can you introduce sex toys into your lovemaking? All these questions, and more, are answered by your sexperts, and owners of the successful sex toy company D.VICE.

Wendy Lee and Ema Lyon share their advice on sex and provide insights and helpful information to enhance your sexual pleasure.

What’s inside it?

All the blushworthy things about sex you wanted to know more about but couldn’t bring yourself to ask or Google (and a number of blushworthy things you would never have thought of!).

Written much in line with their D.VICE stores’ philosophies, this book is a non-seedy, pornography-free, open and frank response to real D.VICE customers’ questions from over the years.

Ema and Wendy say, ‘By answering these common questions clearly and openly, readers will not only feel empowered by the knowledge but also gain the impetus to arm themselves with the tools they need to enhance thir sexual fun and pleasure.’

D.VICE advice is the little black handbook/how-to guide everyone should own; written in the style of an advice column, it helpfully covers off a range of topics such as libido and sexual desire, orgasms, how to find your g-spot or a guy’s p-spot (?!), sex during and after pregnancy and, of course, sex toys.

You’ll learn, laugh and cringe your way through a ton of questions, tips, predicaments and tricks.

Read it if…

You’re curious to learn more about sex and explore your pleasure potential further. An informative but lighthearted approach that will have you hooked after the first page. For more info on D.VICE, visit their website www.dvice.co.nz.

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