Book Review: Feed the family for $15 or less – Sophie Gray

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Sophie Gray, aka the Destitute Gourmet, has long been a household name for thousands of ordinary Kiwis who are budget savvy when it comes to food shopping and cooking. With all of her best-selling cookbooks, Gray aims to encourage other home cooks to innovate and improvise; and shop smart. The recipes in this book are not only for families, but for flatters, students and retirees.

What’s inside it?

Feed the family for $15 or Less contains more than 100 recipes that are cheap, tasty and pretty healthy all at the same time. Sections are divided into ‘Breakfast, lunch and light meals’, ‘Rolls and scrolls’, ‘Curries, casseroles and stews’, ‘Pasta and baked dishes’, ‘Pies and pastries’, ‘Pizzas and flat breads’, ‘Roasts and slow-cooker dishes’, ‘Salads for all seasons’, ‘Soups and one-pan dishes’, and ‘Stir-fries’.

As you can tell from the contents list, there’s a bit of everything amongst these recipes and something to suit all tastes.

Some of our fave recipes include Fragrant Chicken Lemongrass Curry, Chilli Beef and Roasted Peanut Stir-fry, and the Orange and Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Salad. Yuuum!

The special bits

In the book’s introduction, there are sections on how to shop smart (for example, buy produce that’s in season) and things to consider when planning your week’s menus. Very helpful to prevent those 5pm ‘I forgot to put the meat out!’ or ‘I’m missing an ingredient!’ panics.

At the end of most recipes, there are a range of useful add-ons including cook’s tips on where to source ingredients, ingredient substitutes, and how to make the recipe gluten free/dairy free.

The Destitute Gourmet has also launched her new money-saving, grocery shopping management app to help people with their regular grocery shop.

Buy it if…

…you are on a low budget or would like to be smarter with your food planning and want to eat healthy, varied, tasty meals.

For more information, visit www.destitutegourmet.com.

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