Book Review: Food Heroes – Simon Farrell-Green

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Food Heroes is a beautifully presented coffee table book that takes a closer look at 22 of New Zealand’s food producers and growers who are returning to artisan methods to create some of our country’s best food and finest quality ingredients.

Food writer and commentator Simon Farrell-Green has selected from throughout New Zealand his pick of the best growers and producers of a variety of products, including meats, artisan cheeses, fruit and veges. Each of his ‘heroes’ shares their secrets for creating fresh, carefully handled and beautifully considered food.

What’s inside it?

These days supermarkets and convenience stores hold a range of foods so highly processed and finished off in shiny packaging, it can be difficult to figure out what the product was made from in the first place. We’ve lost the connection somewhere between who grew the ingredients in the first place, how they were grown, collected, handled, stored, prepared, shipped and finally sold. While there are many out there who don’t really care about this, the revival of farmers’ markets in New Zealand shows that there are a growing number of people who do.

This book showcases the best possible food products for New Zealanders to cook and eat with and contains several mouthwatering recipes to try at home. There are some handy tips (do you know how to shuck an oyster?), fantastic photography and entertaining, informative stories to go with the stories of the food producers and growers.

Read it if…

You love food and the stories behind the people who create it. Also if you’re one of the growing number of Kiwis who have found a love for New Zealand farmers’ markets, Food Heroes provides a special insight into the journey from locals growing the food to selling it.

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