Book review: Hungry & Frozen – Laura Vincent

hungry and frozen

hungry and frozenRRP: $40.00

The first cookbook from Laura Vincent, fresh-faced new food talent and author of popular blog Hungry and Frozen, features comfort food to enjoy any time of the day or night.

Laura has been a food blogger since 2007 and loves to develop all of her own recipes. She named her blog Hungry and Frozen after a quote from a Broadway musical, because being hungry and frozen in cold student flats was a constant for her at the time.

What’s inside it?

Even though it’s pitched as a book on comfort food (which usually conjures thoughts of meat pies, chocolate puddings, roasts and macaroni cheese; and did make us question whether it was suited to a health-oriented website!), Hungry & Frozen has many flavourful, healthy recipes interspersed throughout its pages.

Some of our favourites include Laura’s Granola recipes, her Lentil Dip, Baked Quinoa with Miso Tomato Sauce, and Chicken with Capsicums, Olives and Lime.

The range of decadent options for special occasions also make a far better option than grabbing a candy bar from the supermarket, and will make your treats worth the wait (not to mention you won’t get the artificial colours, flavours or preservatives if you’re making them from scratch yourself!).

This book looks gorgeous and has over 150 recipes covering just about every cooking scenario, sectioned off into brunch, weeknight dinners, late night dinners, feasts, weekend projects, and sweet things.

Read it if…

You want to make delicious, easy, much-fancier-than-your-average comfort food that will impress your friends and family. You can buy Hungry & Frozen at Fishpond.co.nz.

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