Book review: Powerful Living – Michelle Bridges

powerful living

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Powerful Living is the hotly anticipated new release from influential health and fitness expert, Michelle Bridges. In her 20 years of helping people, Michelle has seen time and time again how the mind can be the single point of difference between goal success or failure.

In Powerful Living, Michelle emphasises that empowerment is about making conscious choices every day and provides you with the practical knowledge, tools and tips required to take control of your life and reach your goals.

What’s inside it?

The book is divided into three key sections:

Mind Power – Practical mindset drills to help change your way of thinking, attitude and behaviours, that will help you to mentally enable yourself to achieve your goals.

Body Power – Exercises you can do with little or no equipment so you can stay on track whether you’re in the gym or away from home.

Power Food – More than 60 recipes for delicious meals that will help nourish your body that are divided into three subsections by calories (under 200 calories, 200 – 300 calories, and 300 – 400 calories).

Also included are a series of menu and workout plans to take the brainwork out of getting your food and exercise sorted.

Read it if…

You want to change your mindset around diet and exercise, don’t want a complicated workout programme and you are good at following set plans that have been laid out for you.

Note: There are a fair few turkey recipes in this book; as turkey meat is not always easily available in stores here or can be quite pricey, you can substitute it for chicken.

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