Book review: The Beginner’s Garden – David Haynes

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The Beginner’s Garden – Your Simple Guide to Growing the Ultimate Kitchen Garden is aimed at the novice gardener, covering off the basics that every home cook and gardener has to have (and leaving out those plants that are too much of a hassle, or require too much attention).

What’s inside it?

You’ll learn how to grow various fruits, veges, and herbs from seed (or seedlings), care for the plants, and the best times to grow and pick crops depending on your home climate and environment. There are useful easy/medium/hard growing ratings so you can figure out whether a particular plant is worth your while based on whether you feel your gardening expertise level will be up to it!

‘The Foundations of Gardening’ section is particularly handy for anyone who needs general hints and tips on starting out as a beginner gardener, soil types and care, and deciding on what to grow. The plants in the book are divided into sections based around the four seasons, so you can easily see what you should be thinking about growing at the different times of year.

Each plant has its own guide on how best to grow and care for it, along with what kinds of pests you may have to fend off and what other plants grow well with it (companion plants) versus the ones that won’t.

Read it if…

You’ve ever wanted to start a garden but you’ve been too chicken to get it going! Those who have done the basic weeding and planting but want more out of your garden will also benefit from this book. Only covers off food-related plants, so if you’re after a book about growing flowers this isn’t for you (though some of the basics information will still be useful and relevant!).

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