Book Review: The Woman who Dived into the Heart of the World – Sabina Berman

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In the wake of her sister’s death, Isabelle moves from her home in California to her birthplace in Mexico to take over the running of the family tuna company. There, in her sister’s house, she is woken in the night by a wild child – a thing with no name, who turns out to be the autistic niece she never knew she had. So she sets herself the task of turning it into a human being – a human being named Karen.

And then begins the greatest journey of all, as Karen learns how to become ‘Me’. It is a voyage of discovery that will take her to the bottom of the ocean, and into the heart of the world.

What’s inside it?

Mexican playwright Sabina Berman writes from Karen’s point of view – an insight into the world of an autistic person discovering herself and finding her place in the world.

Karen has difficulty relating to other people, but has a fascination with animals and an obsession with logic and science which makes the family tuna company a perfect place to develop and apply her newfound life skills.

Moments of oddball humour and a focus on autism meaning Karen is different, rather than disabled, make The Woman who Dived into the Heart of the World a fascinating read from a unique perspective.

Read it if…

You can handle a slightly more difficult read with a quirky and interesting plot and characters that take a while to develop.

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