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Featuring recipes from premier wholefood bloggers and entrepreneurs, WHOLE is a book born from the demands for better food.

Compiled by Bronwyn Kan, WHOLE explores the personal relationship between each contributor and the food they make. The recipes in this book are simple, nourishing and in some cases, utilise just four or five ingredients making the recipes delicious and easy to prepare.

What’s inside it?

From the beautiful simplistic textured cover to the gorgeous photos inside – the majority of which have been taken by Bronwyn, you can tell a lot of love and care has gone in to the compilation of this recipe book.

The book is divided into chapters featuring 10 different bloggers and entrepreneurs who live and breathe healthy wholefood eating. Each contributor brings their own healthy twist to Bronwyn Kan’s compilation:

  • Olivia Scott from The Raw Kitchen comes from a background of offering raw sweets, savouries, cold-pressed juices and smoothies through her website and cafe in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby.
    Our favourite recipe: Spiced hot cacao (great for winter!)
  • Hannah Horton and Eleanor Ozich run Mondays Wholefoods – a wholefoods cafe and store in Auckland’s Kingsland.
    Our favourite recipe: Beetroot and blackberry chocolate cakes
  • Buffy Gill is the founder of store and blog Be Good Organics which focuses on holistic health.
    Our favourite recipe: Corn, capsicum and chilli fritters (this recipe will soon be up on NZ Real Health!)
  • Sophie Carew from Carew Kitchen specialises in fresh, hand-pressed almond milk and contributes a range of delicious recipes featuring the natural alternative to dairy milk.
    Our favourite recipe: Almond milk pina colada
  • Monique Satherley from Snackpack loves real and nutritious food, providing a service where members receive a box of nutritious snacks to have on hand throughout the week ahead (her business is responsible for making Amazeballs – healthy power balls that we’re addicted to at NZ Real Health!).
    Our favourite recipe: Jaffa amazeballs (yay!)
  • Danijela Unkovich from Healthy Always is based around an Instagram profile where she shares recipes and aims to inspire others by offering new ideas to people looking to improve their health.
    Our favourite recipe: Banana oat pancakes
  • Kelly Gibney from blog Bonnie Delicious likes to use recipes and her blog to show people that healthy food can nourish and heal while also being delicious.
    Our favourite recipe: Crustless quiche with smoked fish and kale
  • Abbylee Childs and Twyla Eloise from Healthyself like to share their passion for holistic health and happiness through their website and via workshops incorporating mindfulness, nutrition, yoga and fitness.
    Our favourite recipe: Cacao no-grainola
  • Hannah Horton blogs plant-based recipes and delicious smoothie/juice combos on Health Yeah! while also running the cafe previously mentioned above, Mondays Wholefoods.
    Our favourite recipe: Maca and chia seed bread
  • Jordan Rondel from The Caker started out selling cakes via her blog which took off, and now she has her own space on Karangahape Road in Auckland which incorporates a little shop front where she hosts baking classes and special afternoon teas.
    Our favourite recipe: Banana maple cake with poached rhubarb
Read it if…

You like to cook simple, healthy, delicious food. It’s very rare that we open up a cookbook and want to make just about everything in it; WHOLE recipes look and sound so delish you will want to create something new out of it every week!

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