Book Review: The Women’s Health Book

women's health book

women's health bookRRP: $39.99

As a woman, looking after your health is essential, and the most important step you can take towards creating a happy family and a thriving community. But in today’s busy world, with so many demands on your time, it’s not easy to find information you can trust.

Written specifically by health professionals who specialise in women’s health, this book is designed to give you information and advice for every stage of your life.

What’s inside it?

Created with the idea in mind that information is power, The Women’s Health Book is aimed at giving women the personal power to take control of your own health and your life.

The book is divided into four main sections – adolescents, young women, midlife and later years. Each covers off a range of topics relevant to that age group, including food and nutrition, weight management, pregnancy, medical conditions and mental health. The content is informative with plenty of facts, statistics and examples.

Read it if…

You want a one-stop reference book for all issues relating to women’s health. A must-have addition to the family bookshelf for women of all ages.

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