Do you find it hard to say no when someone offers you food or drink?

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share a drinkIf you find it hard to say no when someone offers you food, Healthy Food Guide nutritionist and Lose Weight for Life author Claire Turnbull offers some helpful advice on why this could be undermining your weight loss efforts.

You could be getting led away from your goal of being healthy and happy…

A few weeks ago I was at the airport enjoying some lunch in a café before my flight. Next to me was a lovely lady reading a magazine, also enjoying some lunch – a sandwich, coffee and a muffin combo.

While we were sitting down, a gorgeous glammed-up girl was doing the rounds offering everyone a free complimentary cookie (one of the giant-sized ones no less). It was part of a promotion that was going on. Most people were, as you would expect, super thrilled to be getting something for free and wolfing down the sweet crumbly cookie in seconds.

When the cookie promo girl came to me, I politely said without really thinking too much, ‘yum, they look great, but no thanks, I am all good’. She then asked the lady next to me who was already struggling to finish her lunch combo. The words that came out of this lovely lady’s mouth stopped me in my tracks, ‘Well, I can’t say no, can I?’ as she reached for a cookie with a smile and proceeded to eat the whole thing, even though she really didn’t look to be enjoying it.

It struck me, that so many of us eat or drink things purely because we actually don’t feel like we can say no to the person who is offering it to us – especially if it is your granny, Mother-in-law or someone you don’t know that well.

To read the rest of this article and to learn to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ when you’re offered food, see Claire’s blog.

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