Fitness challenge: 100’s

Doing 100 repetitions of anything may sound a bit ridiculous, but when you break it up, it’s not that bad… This week your fitness challenge is the 100’s full body workout; it will challenge your fitness, give you a goal to work towards and tone you up all at the same time!

Choose your exercises

First step is to pick six exercises to challenge all the parts of your body. Select some that work your upper body, some for your lower body, and some for your abdominals. If you can handle plyometrics (jumping) and have no lower body injuries, it’s a great way to add some cardio into your training. Write these exercise in a list on a piece of paper with a bit of space next to each exercise.

Exercise 1: Explosive lunges
Jumping, alternate – do one lunge then jump into your next on the spot. If these feel a little to unsturdy, try star jumps instead.

Exercise 2: Push ups
Start off with full, drop to knees when you have to.

Exercise 3: Touch-down sumo squats
Stand with feet a little wider than hips, knees over toes, toes turned out; drop your butt straight down and squat, touching your hands to the ground.

Exercise 4: Tricep dips
Find a seat or step, sit down and with your palms on the edge, lift and lower yourself down until your elbows are at 90 degrees then push back up. Keep your elbows tucked in and don’t let them drift out to the sides. If this is too difficult, you can do this seated on the floor with your feet flat on the ground, arms in a similar position with your palms a little behind you on the ground and elbows tucked in toward each other. Lower your body backwards towards the floor (remain seated, only elbows bend!), then straighten back up.

Exercise 5: Step ups
Find a decent step (not a little one! at least a good 20cm+!) and divide your 100’s for this into 50 for each leg leading first. Too easy? Add some weight by either carrying a few dumbbells, bottles of water, sack of potatoes (!) or similar.

Exercise 6: C-crunches
Lie on your back, knees at 90 degrees in air with toes pointed. Crunch forward and try to touch your toes on the outside of your foot, then lie back down (keep feet in air).

And now the hard part… the workout!

Your challenge now is to do 100 repetitions of each of the six exercises (that’s 600 reps overall!). Start with the first exercise, count your repetitions as you go, and do as many as you possibly can. Write your number next to that exercise then move on to exercise 2. Once you’ve done your sixth one, start again and add on your next lot of reps, and so on.

Take mini breaks when you need to, 30-40 seconds should be enough to get your breath back, wipe off any sweat with a towel and grab a drink of water. Don’t forgt to play some motivational music to get you going! For a slightly harder goal, aim to finish the whole workout within 45 minutes!

Image / FlickR – Rance Costa

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