Fitness Challenge: Run a marathon over a week

Whether running long distances is something you’re interested in or not, this week’s challenge is great for getting you into the habit of running on a regular basis and aiming

Your challenge: Walk or run a marathon over the course of one week

Should you choose to accept it, your aim is to cover 42.19 kms in planned running over the course of seven days. You can either do some longer and some shorter runs, or run an even distance across all your workouts.

If you spread it evenly across your day-to-day workouts, here’s a chart of how far you’ll have to run each day:

How many days
you train each week

Approx how far you’ll need
to run each day

 1  42.19 km (!!)
 2  21.1 km
 3  14.06 km
 4  10.55 km
 5  8.44 km
 6  7.03 km
 7  6.03 km

For those of you a bit concerned about the distance, you can always give yourself a shorter target and work your way up to the marathon in one week challenge. Try covering the distance of either a half marathon (21.1 kms) or a quarter marathon (10.5 kms).

Ways to check your distance

Treadmills usually come with a built-in digital reading of how far you’ve run which makes things super easy. The main dilemma is how to record distance when you run outside.

Some smartphones will have the ability to plan and record how far you’ve gone if you’re outdoors, if you’ve got a Nike+ chip in your shoe it can also record distance. Otherwise, visit www.mapmyrun.com to plan out your journey and record your kilometres.

Let us know how it goes!

Photo / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Ambro

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