Get your boss to go PINK for breast cancer awareness!


bcamThe NZ Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink for a Day (PFAD) campaign is taking on a new twist – and applying it to the boss’ arm.

‘Real boss goes PINK’ is an opportunity for Kiwi bosses to take on a fun challenge from their staff as part of Breast Cancer Month during October. And for staff, it’s a great opening to find out how much pink the boss is made of.

How does it work?

A champion within a business signs up for PFAD and with colleagues presents one of three challenges to the boss – with some surprise twists if possible. The team makes a pledge to raise a certain amount from the challenge.

The boss then has two days to accept or decline the challenge – declining is not recommended, the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) says. If the boss accepts, that’s when the fun starts with the challenge being filmed and the video uploaded online.

Getting businesses involved for a great cause

NZBCF chief executive Evangelia Henderson says the aim is to inspire businesses and workplaces to have fun while fundraising for a highly relevant cause.

‘Breast cancer is a significant issue for our women in the workplace and for our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

‘Here’s a great opportunity to twist the boss’ arm and see how much pink he or she is really made of,’ says Evangelia. ‘Breast cancer is a serious challenge that seven additional women must face every day so we have developed three challenges that reflect that reality – in a fun way.’

Challenge ideas to get you started

Ideas – each of which must have a pink element – are ‘fear factor’, ‘the impossible’ and ‘silly fun’ and the boss can choose the challenge.

Fear factor ideas could include skydiving in pink, river rafting and swimming with sharks, while ‘the impossible’ could include a baking challenge or giving up something for a month or defeating a colleague in a sporting match.

‘Silly fun is just that,’ says Evangelia. ‘The boss could wear a pink tutu for the day, spray his or her pink and host a ‘pink is the new black’ fashion show with garments made from company stationery.’

The workplace champion has to ensure it is filmed and the video uploaded to either Facebook or Twitter with the tag @NZBCF using #BossGoesPINK.

‘We’d love the boss to also contribute funds on behalf of the business and nominate another boss and tag him or her on the challenge video to keep the fun and awareness going,’ Evangelia says.

On PFAD day everyone – dressed in pink of course – gets together to enjoy the challenge and the amount raised is revealed

‘Imagine the delight if the entire activity is posted on the business’ intranet or in social media – and there’s always the chance of being on the ‘NZBCF Pink Wall of Fame’ if you’re a top fundraiser,’ Evangelia says.

‘It’s a great way for businesses to ensure they stay in the pink.’

Oh, and by the way; if the boss chickens out on the challenge, a fine is payable and another senior staff member has to have a go.

About NZBCF: 

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-government funded organisation that depends on donations and fundraising for its work in breast cancer education and awareness, medical research and training grants, advocacy, and supporting women with breast cancer. The NZBCF’s programmes are evidence-based, overseen by its medical advisory committee. The pink ribbon symbol is a trademark of the NZBCF in New Zealand.

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