Get gardening with your kids + GIVEAWAY

Struggling to get the children to eat their veggies? One great way to get them interested is to get them helping out in the garden. My 3-year-old loves putting on a pair of gloves, digging in the dirt, planting seeds, checking on her plants and watering them. It’s no guarantee they’ll eat what you grow, but they’re more likely to show interest and taste the results in your family cooking, plus they will learn where produce comes from; the perfect intro to healthy eating

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The countdown to Spring has begun, and so has the countdown to enter the Young Gardener of the Year Awards, with entries closing on August 27th!

Young gardeners from all across the country can enter the T&G Passion For Growing Award, which any primary school can enter. So if your child goes to a school that’s been getting busy in the garden, talk to their teacher about getting an entry in! For more information on the awards, and to sign up head to www.younggardenerawards.co.nz

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To help get you and the kids in the gardening spirit I’ve teamed up with the Young Gardener of the Year Awards to give away an awesome gardening pack! The pack includes a tote bag from Garden to Table, gardening gloves for the little ones, Kings spinach seeds, Jiffy pots, 15L of Tui potting mix and a T&G watering can, valued at over $70.

To enter the giveaway, simply fill out the form below. For extra entries, check out the NZ Real Health by Ange Noy Facebook page and Instagram account for details.

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