Get your partner motivated


coupleFinding your own motivation for your fitness goals is key to achieving them, but it’s a lot easier if your significant other is on board to support you when it comes to your quest for health! Read on for our top tips on how to get your partner motivated.

Use the latest technology

Consoles and video games aimed at increasing fitness such as the Nintendo Wii, Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect are fun ways of getting active without having to leave your house. Even better if the games are multiplayer as it will be a great opportunity to spend some time together too. Gadgets may also be a good incentive; a Nike+ Sportwatch GPS to track heart rate and running distance, a new phone app to track calories, or a new Camelbak to stay hydrated.

Go gym-free

Especially if you have kids and nobody to watch them, being able to exercise anywhere at any time can be a good way to make sure you both stay on track. Try out a body weight workout (no equipment required) or a playground workout, using a park playground to do your exercises. You could also take the dog for a run together, or go to the local swimming pools to do some laps – just make sure you both take the time out to go for a spa or sauna afterwards!

Train for an event together

Find a fitness event such as a 10km run or a bike ride that will challenge both of you and train for it together. You’ll both have fun, get fit, and earn that fantastic sense of achievement when you both cross the finish line together.

Challenge your partner to a duel!

Maybe not with swords or duelling pistols. But a harmless challenge to a game of bowling, mini golf or tennis could be just the thing to get them out the door and motivated to get active.

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