Goal setting – The fast track to getting great results

Setting goals is a great way to keep you motivated when it comes to fitness. It makes what you want to achieve more real, gives you direction and once you know where you’re going you’re in a better position to plan the steps that will help you get there.

Whether it be aiming to complete a sporting event, losing a certain bodyfat percentage, dropping a dress size, being able to do ten full push ups in a row or gaining several centremeters of muscle on your biceps… have a think about what you want to do.

Setting great goals

It’s a good idea to make these goals realistic, specific and achievable so that you can get that sense of satisfaction when you hit your target. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself! If you want to lose 20 kgs, start off aiming for the first 5 kgs and give that goal a date. Then when you hit that 5, aim for the next and so on…

If you want to keep the end ‘big picture’ target in mind, you can break your goals down into short term (the next few weeks), medium term (the next few months) and long term (six months+).

Make your goals a reality

Write them down on a piece of paper with the dates you want to achieve them by and stick the paper on your fridge, your computer desktop, your bathroom mirror – anywhere and everywhere so you’ll be reminded of them every day. It’s so easy to ignore goals when they’re just sitting around in your head. Once they are on paper, they are in the real world.

Create them with a positive angle, as if you have already achieved them. What will your life look like by that time? For example:

In two weeks:
 – I will have joined the gym
 – I will have planned three exercise sessions per week in advance for both of those weeks (and attended them!)
 – I will be eating breakfast every day
 – I will have booked a session with a PT to have a programme drawn up for me

You could even make an announcement on Facebook; or at least tell the people close to you what you want to do and they will help hold you accountable.

Troubleshoot so you can’t fail

Think about your life at the moment, is there anything you do at the moment that’s steering you away from your goals? Do some troubleshooting and find a way to either eliminate the obstacles or turn them around to work in your favour.

Acknowledge your success

A great way to keep you motivated to keep pushing yourself towards your goals is to reward yourself when you achieve one of them – buy a new item of clothing, treat yourself to a massage. If you know you’re in for a treat, you’re more likely to stay on track.

What’s your goal and how are you going to stay motivated?

Image / Flickr – Lululemon Athletica

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