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Hair thinning is an issue that affects one in two of us, yet it still seems to be one of those topics that few people like to talk about. Hair thinning can have devastating psychological effects on sufferers, and although it’s often associated as an side-effect for men, did you know that hair thinning is just as common with women?

What causes hair thinning?

There are three main areas that can influence hair appearance and condition:

  1. The link between scalp and hair environment
  2. Hair growth cycles
  3. Changes in the hair structure over time

The gist of this is that hair thins out when there are fewer hair strands, finer hair strands and a poor scalp environment. This can be caused by environmental factors (such as stress, hair care), hormonal changes (such as pregnancy, menopause etc.), and/or genetic predisposition.

Am I more likely to have it if I colour, chemically straighten or use heated styling tools on my hair?

If you use chemical colouring, relaxing or straightening, this can cause structural damage to the hair shaft which can lead to increased breakages (making hair appear thinner). Heated styling tools can also cause hair breakage if you don’t look after it correctly so make sure you use heat protecting styling products before using the tools.

How can I fix it?

Topical products such as NIOXIN’s three part system can help increase the thickness and density of hair for people who have very fine or thinning hair, which helps give the appearance of a ‘fuller’ look and can deliver visible results in as little as two weeks of daily use.

If you’re experiencing dramatic or total hair loss and are more interested in trying to re-grow new hair, products like Rogaine and Propecia are prescription products that may help. See your GP for more information to determine what’s right for you.

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Stuart Miles (top); Supplied (bottom)

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