Hate working out at the gym?

outdoor exercise

outdoor exerciseAs a grown up, when you have any kind of health and fitness goals one of the first ports of call is usually the gym. But what if you really hate working out at the gym?

If you’re not enjoying your training, you’re less likely to stick to it and completing every exercise session will feel like a difficult chore; this means the best kind of workout for you should be the kind that you love! Here’s our tips to help you get there.

Before you cancel your membership – Programmes

Many people get stuck in a gym ‘rut’ – whether this is parking yourself on the treadmill for an hour, or doing a particular exercise programme. If your programme hasn’t been updated in the last six weeks, you’re overdue for a new one. The gym will likely have either gym instructors or personal trainers who can give you a new programme – the new routine may revive your interest in attending!

Before you cancel your membership – Classes and group training

Have you tried out everything your gym has to offer? Don’t dismiss things you haven’t tried before; especially when it comes to fitness classes and group training sessions such as bootcamps.  There are usually weights-based classes, cardio/aerobics classes, yoga, and perhaps even combat, spin/cycling and dance classes available at many gyms.

With other people around you for support, an instructor to tell you what to do and take the thinking out of things, set times so you have ongoing appointments, and music to help keep you motivated along the way, classes and group training sessions may help you stop donating to your gym. Give everything a go at least once as you might enjoy something you didn’t think you would like.

Don’t worry if you struggle to keep up or follow the instructions to begin with, it usually takes three or four sessions before things make sense so if you even vaguely enjoy it, give it another go!

Find exercise outside the gym

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still hate working out at the gym, perhaps its time to look outside the gym walls for some kind of exercise that you will love. Remember that you don’t have to commit yourself to any one activity forever, give things a go and do trial and error until you find a match for you.


You may not enjoy the classes at your gym but the thought of doing classes in a different environment may be more appealing. Check your local school, community centre or community hall for local dance classes, yoga and stretching classes among others. Local martial arts clubs will likely do martial arts fitness classes as well.


We seem to forget about doing sports once high school is over, but there are plenty of sports teams and individual sports out there for adults who are keen and competitive. Get your workmates together for a social soccer, cricket, netball or touch team, find a local running club, head down to your local swimming pools, or try out and take up a new sport such as rowing, ice skating, surfing, tennis or golf. Local clubs and sports facilities are a great place to start finding out more. Use Google to do a quick search for them.

Personal trainer

Find a private personal trainer who operates out of their home, local parks, or is willing to come to you. They can be great motivation and will ensure you continue to be challenged and interested in your exercise sessions. You may even be able to do shared PT sessions with friends which would double as a social occasion!

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