Healthy vs. regular takeaway menus

An increasing number of takeaway food chains are recognising that there is plenty of demand for healthier menu options. Even though it’s still best to cook your food at home, with our busy lifestyles sometimes it’s not possible, plus it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then – everything in moderation!

We took a look at items off some of the key healthy takeaway menus and compared their content per serve to the ‘regular’ versions to see how they stack up. Don’t forget that the add ons like the full sugar soft drinks, fries and garlic bread are where the calories really start adding up, so have that in mind when you’re ordering as well. It’s all about better choices!

Dominos new Good Choice range

This 97% fat free range is a relatively recent offering from the popular pizza chain. The reduction in energy, fat, saturated fat and sodium in the 97% fat free version makes it worth your while to change your order from your usual Classic Crust if you’re watching your figure.

Just don’t forget that the info below is on one slice of pizza, most of us usually eat more than one so you may need to multiply the numbers to match your usual ‘serving size’.

  Dominos 97% FF BBQ Chicken & Pineapple
  Serving size: 95g (1 slice)
  Energy   720kJ (172 cal)
  Fat   2.8g
  Saturated fat   1.3g
  Sugar   4.4g
  Sodium (salt)   305mg
   Dominos Classic Crust BBQ Chicken & Bacon
  Serving size: 85g (1 slice)
  Energy   765kJ (183 cal)
  Fat   5.6g
  Saturated fat   2.4g
  Sugar   4.5g
  Sodium (salt)   443mg

They also have a new Good Choice Low Carb Crust that is an option with any of their standard pizza toppings. As an example, their Low Carb Meatlovers pizza has 10.46g of carbs per 100g compared to their Classic Crust Meatlovers which has 42.9g.

Dominos nutritional information: www.dominospizza.co.nz/menu/nutritional

McDonalds Weight Watchers Meals

In this example from the McDonalds Weight Watchers range, the energy and sugar content is actually a little higher but at least the fat has decreased. What we do like about this is the decrease in salt which will help keep your arteries healthier.

   McDonalds WW Classic Seared Chicken burger
  Serving size: One burger
  Energy   1760kJ (421 cal)
  Fat   15.0g
  Saturated fat   2.8g
  Sugar   4.8g
  Sodium (salt)   662mg
   McDonalds McChicken burger
  Serving size: One burger
  Energy   1530kJ (366 cal)
  Fat   17.1g
  Saturated fat   3.2g
  Sugar   3.7g
  Sodium (salt)   893mg

McDonalds also has a Lighter Choices menu which includes a Garden Salad, Seared Chicken Salad, Seared Chicken Snack wrap, Yoghurt Berry Crunch and the Fruit Bag.

McDonalds nutritional information: mcdonalds.co.nz/our-food/nutrition

Burger King Lite Options

Burger King’s lower fat options definitely make a difference in the calorie stakes and looking at one of their most popular burgers, choosing Lite will almost halve the amount of fat you’re taking in.

   Burger King WHOPPER JR (with Lite Mayo)
  Serving size: 156g (one burger)
  Energy   1250kJ (298 cal)
  Fat   11.8g
  Saturated fat   5.1g
  Sugar   7.1g
  Sodium (salt)   475mg
   Burger King WHOPPER JR
  Serving size: 156g (one burger)
  Energy   1582 (377 cal)
  Fat   20.5g
  Saturated fat   6.6g
  Sugar   6.2g
  Sodium (salt)   546mg

Burger King nutritional information: www.burgerking.co.nz/nutritional-information

Photo / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Naito8

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