Heart Stopper Challenge 2012

Want to make a real difference in someone else’s life? Take a dip in an icy pool to increase awareness and support for the 12 Kiwi kids born every week with a congenital heart condition.

What’s involved?

There have already been 12 Heart Stopper Challenge events held throughout the country this year, raising a total of $160,000. This is a call for Aucklanders to participate in the 13th, and final challenge for 2012.

Teams of up to six people will plunge into an ice-filled spa pool for five minutes, dressed in costume for their chilly mid-winter dip. This unique and fun team building event kicks off at 3pm on Thursday 9 August at the Strand Plaza in Takapuna, Auckland. So if you’d like to take part in the final Heart Stopper Challenge, you need to get in quick!

There is no entry fee to participate, but each team member is encouraged to raise at least $100 to support the work of @Heart. Funds raised from the Auckland Heart Stopper Challenge event are used to support heart children and their families staying on the National Paediatric Cardiac Ward in Auckland and at home, through @Heart’s Family Support Programme.

The story behind the ice plunge

Lorraine Warshaw, general manager of @Heart, explains that the inspiration behind the Heart Stopper Challenge is the 450 open heart surgeries performed annually on children in New Zealand. During the open heart surgery, a child’s chest cavity can be filled with an icy slush to slow the heart rate and metabolism, giving the surgeon a longer window of operating time.

@Heart provides lifelong support for all those affected by childhood heart conditions. Started in 1980 with small beginnings, @Heart now stretches across the country providing kids, teens, adults and families with free access to its services.

How can I help?

If you’re elsewhere in the country and would still like to show support for this great cause, you can find a participant to sponsor on the Heart Stopper website. To register a team or sponsor a plunger for the Auckland Heart Stopper Challenge, visit: www.heartstopper.org.nz/event/heartstopperauckland2012.

Additional links:
w: www.heartnz.org.nz
fb: Heart Stopper Challenge Facebook page

Photo / Carmen Bird Photography

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