Interview: Art Green – CleanPaleo co-owner


You’ll likely recognise Art Green thanks to his appearance on a certain popular Kiwi reality show, however, he’s also the co-owner of CleanPaleo, a Kiwi company that creates delicious and nutritious whole food products (their CoGo bites are crazy good!).

I caught up with Art to chat about paleo food, the beginnings of CleanPaleo, and keeping fit.


Where did your interest in healthy living and the paleo philosophy start?

It began when I was managing a gym in Western Australia and I was experimenting with different dietary protocols and seeing how they made me feel. I tried a bunch of different things like vegetarianism, raw food, Isagenix, ketogenic diet, and then I tried paleo and just never stopped.

What are the benefits of choosing to follow a paleo diet?

The biggest benefit for me has been the increase in energy levels throughout the day – I no longer get tired after eating or in the afternoon, I just charge through the day.

Tell me about how CleanPaleo began?

CleanPaleo began when my business partners Ryan and Mitch began to make paleo cereals because they were following a paleo lifestyle and were getting sick of having bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning. So they developed the very first paleo breakfast ‘cereal’ in New Zealand.

What products does CleanPaleo make?

A range of breakfast blends, free range egg white protein powder, biltong and CoGo Bites.

What are the main challenges when it comes to following a paleo diet?

The main challenge is probably that you have to dedicate more time to preparing food and cooking. I don’t see this as a challenge anymore though and have grown to love cooking. It’s changed my lifestyle for the better which is why I like to refer to it as a paleo lifestyle.

Do you eat paleo all the time? What would a typical day’s meals look like for you?

I’d say I stick to paleo about 90 per cent of the time. A typical day involves a protein smoothie after a workout for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch (usually a really hearty salad or something), snacks throughout the day include a green smoothie and cashew nuts or almonds, then for dinner I usually make a meal involving meat and three vegetables. I like to get creative with vegetable alternatives to rice and pasta, e.g. zoodles (zucchini noodles).

How do you keep yourself fit?

I go to a gym called Ludus Magnus which involves a lot of bodyweight and functional movements in a class format. I also do a bit of running and cycling as I’m training for Coast to Coast.

What do you do to unwind after a busy day?

Either exercise, go for a walk with my girlfriend, or play tennis.

What’s your best tip for someone thinking about making the change to eat paleo?

Best tip is to read and learn as much a you can about the idea of paleo, and why it may be beneficial for us. What foods are good and bad and why. Then make decisions about your nutrition based on your own research and ideas rather than just being told what’s good and bad.

Image / NZ Real Health

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