Interview: Sex expert and author, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson


sabrinaSabrina Rogers-Anderson is an experienced sex, dating and relationships writer whose work has been published in numerous magazines and websites, including AskMen.com and the long-running ‘Ask Sabrina’ column in FHM Australia.

She has just released a brand new e-book A Fantastic Sex Life… And How to Get It!, so we caught up with Sabrina to find out more about what’s in it and asked for a few sneaky tips on how to get a fantastic sex life.

Tell us a bit about your book, what’s in it?

My book aims to help everyone from young singles to mature couples improve their sex lives. Whether they’re dissatisfied with it or they want to take it from okay to mind-blowing, I provide them with the tools they need to get there. The main difference with other books of its kind is that I give concrete advice instead of dancing around the topic. I’m not afraid to say it like it is, and I think my readers will appreciate and benefit from that.

Who will benefit from reading your book?

Everyone! If you’re young and inexperienced, I’ll help you ease into it so you feel comfortable and build sexual confidence slowly but surely. I also give advice specifically geared towards young couples and couples with children. And finally, I help mature singles and couples light their sexual fire again. You’re never too old to enjoy a fulfilling sex life!

Why did you decide to write it?

So much of the sex advice I have read in books, magazines and online over the years has fallen short of what it promised. I’ll get hooked in with lines like, ’10 ways to blow your man’s mind tonight’ only to realise once I’ve read it that I didn’t actually learn anything new. I wanted to give people what I’d been hoping to find all these years – tangible tips they could easily apply in their own lives.

Why do you think it’s so important to have a fantastic sex life?

A fantastic sex life is a very subjective thing. While one person might be very satisfied with having sex a couple of times a year, another might want it a couple of times a day. Everyone is different when it comes to their sexual wants and needs, so I think it’s important not to compare yourself to others and not to feel inadequate because you don’t fit into what you perceive to be the sexual norm. That said, it’s important to feel satisfied with your sex life because it’s an important part of your wellbeing.

It’s common for people to ‘settle’ for a boring sex life – especially after they have been in a relationship for some time. What advice would you give them?

Even though it can seem so difficult to make an effort, especially when you have kids and you’re exhausted all the time, try to prioritise intimacy with your partner. Every so often, ditch those trackies and make an effort to look nice. Go out to dinner or a movie. Hold hands and cuddle. Compliment each other. All those small gestures strengthen your bond, which in turn leads to better sex. You can also spice up your sex life by taking it outside the bedroom, reading erotica together and much more… there are 24 tips in my book!

What’s your top tip on how to get a fantastic sex life?

Don’t forget to have fun! We often treat sex as a very serious business – we fret that we’re not doing it right or often enough or like they do it in the movies. If you’re stressing about it, you’ll have a hard time enjoying yourself. So try not to put pressure on yourself or compare yourself to others – just relax and enjoy the ride.

and how to get itYou can purchase a copy of A Fantastic Sex Life… And How to Get It! on Amazon or www.andhowtogetit.com.

For more information about Sabrina, visit sabrinarogersanderson.com.


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