In the Kitchen: Products to help you eat healthier


Check out the latest food products and appliances for your kitchen that will help you eat healthier at home and at work:

freyas low carbFreya’s Lower Carb bread range

In a New Zealand first, Freya’s has created a new range of bread with 40% less carbohydrates than standard multigrain bread by reducing the wheat flour content of the dough and replacing it with soy protein and extra seeds.

There are three breads in the range – Soy and Linseed, 5 Seed, and Toasted Sesame and Soy. All loaves now have the same great taste as other Freya’s products, but with lower carbohydrates and higher protein content.

Freya’s ‘Lower Carb’ bread range, RRP $4.29.

coconut oilBlue Coconut Cooking Oil

Coconut oil is made from the dried fruit of the coconut palm tree, and has recently been gaining momentum as the hot new health food to add into your diet. Studies on Pacific Island populations who get a large majority of their total caloric intake from coconut oil have shown that, despite coconut oil being high in saturated fat, the people had a nearly non-existent rate of cardiovascular disease. Although studies are still being conducted, this is thought to be due to the coconut oil’s saturated fat content occuring naturally, as opposed to the saturated fat we usually call ‘bad’ fat which has been hydrogenated during a man-made process.

Many celebrities and health professionals have been recommending to add a few teaspoons of coconut oil into your daily diet for its health properties. Just remember that if you are adding coconut oil into your diet that it is still a type of fat which means it is high in calories, so use it as part of a healthy, well balanced diet.

Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is preservative free, not hydrogenated and boasts a high smoke point which means it can be used as a substitute for regular cooking oil.

Blue Coconut Cooking Oil (400g), RRP $8.99, is available nationwide from participating specialty food stores and supermarkets.

vegeta stockVegeta Chicken & Gourmet Stock

With winter almost here, it won’t be long before you’ll be taking the casserole dishes and slow cookers out of storage to enjoy warming comfort foods such as soups, stews and risottos.

The corner stone of many winter dishes is a great stock – made from a blend of the finest vegetables, herbs and spices, Vegeta’s award-winning range of powdered stock will add exceptional depth of flavour to your cooking. One teaspoon makes 500mls of liquid stock, and both are gluten-free and lactose-free.

– Vegeta Chicken Stock (200g), RRP $4.99
– Vegeta Gourmet Stock (250g), RRP $4.99

george foremanGeorge Foreman ‘The Champ’ All-in-One Grill

Whether you’re after a timely way to take control of searing and grilling, or just a mess-free approach to baking, the George Foreman ‘The Champ’ All-In-One Grill is the perfect kitchen appliance to help you make cooking quicker and healthier.

The new grill boasts removable ceramic non-stick grill plates which are scratch, fade and stain resistant – making them easy to pop straight in the dishwasher after a tasty meal. The large grilling surface can cook up to five servings at once, and the deep dish baking pan is perfect for preparing baked delights such as lasagnes, frittatas, pasta dishes and even desserts for the whole family.

The George Foreman ‘The Champ’ All-in-One Grill retails for $269.99.

Images / (Featured) FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee; (Bottom) Supplied

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