Low budget Christmas gift ideas


presentGiving gifts at Christmas time can be so much more fun than receiving them, but if you’re on a limited budget it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what to get your loved ones; especially if you want to get something meaningful rather than just a token gift!

Here are some of our top affordable Christmas pressie ideas:

A DIY coupon pack

Whether it’s for a grandparent, friend, parent or child, create a homemade pack of coupons for them to redeem over the coming months. You can use your computer, draw them by hand or if you have a slightly bigger budget and want to be fancy you can create them using a company like Vistaprint.

Some ideas include:

  • A shoulder massage
  • A home cooked meal
  • Babysitting/petsitting for a night
  • A car wash
  • At home spa (DIY manicure, pedicure, facial)
  • Lawnmowing/gardening services for a day
Home baking

Many people tend to buy baked goods these days, so home baking often goes down well as a much-appreciated gift. If you need to give presents to large families or many individuals, you can either bake multiple recipes and create a gift basket of goodies, or make a greater quantity of one recipe so that there are enough baked goods to share around. Some of our favourites include these Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls and this sugar-free Cocoa Pumpkin Fudge.

Buy some clear cellophane (can get this from most $2 shops) and some plain brown string or ribbon and package your baking up with a homemade gift tag.

Cookie ingredient jar

ingredient jarThis is one of our favourite ideas; take your favourite cookie recipe and layer all the dry ingredients into a jar. Tie the lid off with some ribbon (you could also cut a square of festive material to cover the lid if you like) and add labels – either sticky or on the gift tag – with recipe instructions and any additional ingredients that need to be added.

Just make sure that the jar is the right size for your recipe; the ingredients will need to be relatively tightly packed to prevent them getting mixed up and the layers are what makes this present look great!

A mix CD (or playlist!)

The days of the mixtape are done and dusted, but there’s something special about a compilation of songs made just for you. Make someone special a mix CD or if they’re a bit more technologically inclined, you can buy a snazzy USB stick and gift the songs that way instead. For bonus points, record your own festive message and add it as an extra track.

Image / Pixabay (top); NZ Real Health (bottom)

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