How many times should I eat each day?

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Unsure about how many times you should be eating each day? Healthy Food Guide nutritionist and Lose Weight for Life author Claire Turnbull helps us figure it out…

woman clockThere are so many theories about how many times a day you should eat and I have heard them all.

Six times a day, every 2 hours, every 4 hours, don’t eat after 7pm, don’t eat after 9pm…does your head hurt as much as mine trying to figure that one out?!

The truth is, it is important to eat regularly but there isn’t a generic one size fits all rule that will work for everyone, we are all different and when it comes to the timing of our meals and how many times we need to eat in a day, this all depends on who we are, how many hours we are up for, what time we get up and go to bed and when we do exercise. Let me explain…

To read the rest of this article and to find out how many times a day you should be eating, see Claire’s blog.

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