Must-have beauty buys to banish dry winter skin

So you’ve almost managed to survive to the end of winter, but how’s your skin faring? It’s common to get dry skin over the colder months from the freezing temperature, stronger winds and persistent rain.

These extreme weather conditions can all take their toll so it’s important to treat your skin to a little something special. It’s time to banish dry winter skin and we found some great beauty buys to help you out!

Hydrating products for low budgets

Olay and Gilette Venus have teamed up to create a razor with Olay moisture bars to lock in moisture and the well-known Venus blades to get that close shave. The Gilette Venus & Olay razor’s combination of hair removal and moisturiser in one, will leave your skin smooth and ready for the warm weather. The razor retails for RRP $15.99 with the 3-pack of replacement cartridges going for RRP $22.49.

When it comes to your body, NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion (250mL; RRP $6.69) provides deep nourishing care with long-lasting care moisture to hydrate even the driest skin. This lotion uses natural minerals, almond oil, and Vitamin E to activate your body’s natural moisture preventing your skin from drying out and reducing skin roughness.

Get serious about moisturising

Your skinย  repairs itself while you’re asleep, so it’s a good idea to have a night face cream to help support this process. Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream (RRP $24.50) contains soothing aloe vera, skin healing rosehip, evening primrose and borage oils to assist the nightly repair and restoration of skin cells.

Our New Zealand sun can be harsh due to the hole in the ozone layer above our heads, so if you want to keep your skin protected as well as hydrated, it’s a good idea to get yourself a moisturiser with SPF in it. NIVEA Visage Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF 15 (RRP $11.59) provides intensive moisture for 24 hours plus the SPF and extra UV filters protect skin from environmental influences and premature skin aging.

To treat dry and very dry skin, Weleda Iris Hydrating Day Cream (RRP $26.90) supplies the skin with intensive hydration whilst helping regulate its natural balance. This rich day cream contains pure plant extracts from iris root, renowned for its unique ability to bind moisture, as well as mild jojoba oil that makes the skin soft and supple.

Treat yourself and splurge!

The luxurious dermatologist-tested Skeyndor Aquatherm products are fantastic if you have sensitive and delicate skin. Formulated with the thermal water from Salies-de-Bรฉarn, a spring in the French Pyrenees, Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water (100mL; RRP $47) is a concentrated mineral spring water misting spray that restores the skin’s balance, soothes and reduces tightness and discomfort. Use following facial cleansing. Available from selected beauty therapists.

For an ethical buy, Kiwi ecobrand Trilogy have a Vitalising Moisturising Cream SPF 15 (RRP $49.90) with no paraben preservatives, that offers intensive nourishment along with UV protection. Containing evening primrose, marula and certified organic rosehip oils, it’s also transparent, non-greasy and lightweight.

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