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natural beauty

Typically I prefer to buy natural health and beauty products anyway, but whenever I’m pregnant I make it a top priority to try and avoid chemical nasties in our home environment and the products I put on and into my body.

Now that second baby is on its way, it’s time to restock my beauty supplies – and as a little treat for myself for making it through the first trimester, look into some new ones! Here’s my natural beauty buys haul that arrived on my doorstep this morning from Healthpost (though you would probably call this more of a mini-haul as we’re on a budget at the moment…).

natural beauty

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

60ml, RRP $57.99

Skin cells are said to do their repair work most effectively at night, so now that I’m in my early 30’s and my skin is starting to need a little more TLC, a night cream is a must-have.

I used to buy lower-priced creams but found my skin either reacted to them or just didn’t feel great after use. So several years ago I splurged on Trilogy’s Rosapene Night Cream and I haven’t looked back since. You can feel the difference on application; it’s thick, luxurious, smells beautiful and leaves your face feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s one of my favourite parts of my bedtime routine.

The official spiel: Rosapene is Trilogy’s trademarked ingredient, combining essential fatty acid-rich rosehip oil with antioxidants from tomato seed and acai berry seed oils in an advanced, unique formulation. Rosapene works to nourish and repair skin while protecting against environmental free radical damage.

No animal testing    ☑ Non-GMO

Hurraw Black Cherry Lip Balm

4.3gm, RRP $7

Miss E helpfully ate the last of my lip balm a few weeks ago. After online research panic over potential toxicity subsided, I decided it was time to get a more natural option this time round. I’d read about Hurraw lip balms before but had never purchased them, and when I was looking for a low-priced item to add to my shopping cart so I could get free shipping on my order (if you’re a dedicated online shopper, we’ve all been there before…) I saw the Hurraw Black Cherry Lip Balm and it was a no-brainer.

Years ago, Nivea used to do a Cherry lip balm that I LOVED, but apparently not that many other people did because it got discontinued. If cherry’s not your thing, Hurraw’s range has so many other delish options you’re sure to find something you like; Healthpost doesn’t stock all their flavours but I know Hurraw makes ones such as Papaya Pineapple, Chai Spice, Chocolate and Earl Grey. It comes in an oval-shaped stick, goes on smoothly, it’s not sticky, smells ah-may-zing, and has a sheer dark red tint. Here’s hoping the kid doesn’t eat this one.

☑ No animal testing    ☑ Non-GMO    ☑ Vegan      ☑ Raw    ☑ Organic    ☑ Fair trade

Tui Balms Foot Balm

50g, RRP $14.72

I haven’t been blessed with naturally soft, smooth feet. Unless I take proper care of them, I may as well have been walking everywhere in bare feet the soles can get so rough. Standard moisturisers just haven’t been working for me so I finally gave in and bought something purposely made to treat feet.

Tui Balms Foot Balm contains simple, basic ingredients such as olive oil and beeswax which help moisturise, smooth and treat dry feet while rubbing in easily. As mentioned my feet are in desperate need of care, and I was excited to find a natural option! It smells fresh and clean, like tea tree, spearmint and peppermint; I’ve recently become keen on aromatherapy and I love this scent combination. This will definitely become part of my regular evening self-care routine.

*Since I wrote this I learned that peppermint oil is often considered to be a no-no during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I asked Tui Balms the reason behind this and their response was:

‘There is conflicting information on the use of essential oils during pregnancy. The only balm we make without essential oils is our unscented balm- therefore this is safe to use. We don’t aim to make claims other than this and our labels are changing to reflect this. It is best to do your own research on this.’

From what I can gather, peppermint oil is sometimes considered to be a uterine stimulant which may increase risk of contractions, and may affect milk supply (though I drank a LOT of peppermint tea while I was breastfeeding and had no issues with it – I fed my girl until she was 22 months).

All profits donated to registered charities    ☑ NZ-made    ☑ Made with certified organic beeswax

Karen Murrell Orchid Bloom Lipstick

4g, RRP $29.99

These lipsticks are another product I’ve been buying for years. I own a couple of bold reds, a pink and two neutrals. Karen Murrell’s Orchid Bloom shade is my favourite everyday staple and this was bought to replace one that I’ve used up.

It goes on smoothly, adds a touch of blush pink, gets bolder on repeat application and stays put. Plus it smells like cinnamon which is just beautiful. I generally don’t find it to be too drying, but some days I might use a non-tinted plain lip balm along with it.

☑ No animal testing  

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