Power Planning – The Secret to Success

power planning

power planningPlanning ahead when it comes to your nutrition may seem like a time consuming, painful and boring task, but is often they key to helping you achieve a well balanced, healthy diet. Healthy Food Guide nutritionist and Lose Weight for Life author Claire Turnbull offers some advice to help you with your nutrition planning.

To be quite honest, planning is a really, really important tool if you are wanting to eat well.

Whenever I say the words ‘meal planning’ I can just hear the sighs, ‘oh no’s and… ‘do we really have to?’ Honestly though, it sounds worse than it is, and boy…the investment of 5-10 minutes of your time each week can save you from wandering aimlessly (and hungry) round the supermarket trying to work out what to eat (yes, I have seen you – it’s painful to watch, I don’t know how people do it!).

It can also save you money and mean that you eat better after all – all this from an A4 piece of paper and a pen! SO…to make it more appealing, let’s rename this process; I’d like to suggest we call it – POWER planning :-)

Your POWER plan doesn’t need to be fancy! So long as it works for you.

To read the rest of this article and to find out how to create your own POWER plan, see Claire’s blog.

Image / Supplied – Claire Turnbull

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