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I’m always on the lookout for new and amazing health and wellness products for life in the kitchen, the gym and at home. Here are my current faves; a combination of some of the latest products that have come across my desk for me to try out, and the products I’ve found myself that I can’t get enough of right now!

easiyoNew flavours from EasiYo

I have a thing for making my own yoghurt, so I’m always keen to hear about new flavours when they come out and when these two arrived on my desk I made them straight away! Two new fruity flavours have been added to EasiYo’s range Greek-style Raspberry & Lemon, and Greek-style Mango & Coconut with Bits.

Because these yoghurts are made fresh at home, there’s no need for artificial ingredients, additives or any of the stabilisers often used in store-bought yoghurt.

EasiYo yoghurt bases are available from RRP $4.19 and the EasiYo Yogurt Maker 1k is RRP $25, nationwide from New World, Pak n’ Save and Countdown supermarkets.

mother earthMother Earth Low GI nut mix

I’m not the biggest fan of raisins, dried cranberries, walnuts or pecans, which actually rules out a lot of nut mixes (or leaves me with a lot of leftovers I have to try and pass off to the husband!). I’ve been a long-time buyer of Mother Earth’s nut mixes now, and while I’d normally opt for the lightly salted pack, now that this Low GI mix is out I think the game has changed.

Combining freshly batch roasted cashews, almonds and hazelnuts with dried apricots and dark chocolate, the only problem in our household will be making the pack last more than one serve.

Find Mother Earth’s Deluxe Mix Low GI in the snacking aisle of supermarkets nationwide for RRP $5.49.

fibreoneFibre One 90 Calorie Lemon Drizzle Squares

I love lemony flavoured foods, so when I was sent these to try out I was pretty excited. Five individually wrapped portions mean you can’t scoff the lot in one go (which is ideal for people like me with a sweet tooth who have zero self restraint!). Each 24g serve has 5.2g of dietary fibre, however it does contain almost two teaspoons of sugar so it’s probably better than having a chocolate bar but may not be for you if you’re trying to cut your added sugar intake completely.

I found it interesting the main ingredient in these is chicory root extract which boosts the fibre content of the bars. Increased fibre intake helps promote digestive health along with a range of other health benefits.

The range also includes Chocolate Fudge Brownie, both are available for RRP $4.99 from leading supermarkets.

smoothie baseGoodness Kitchen Smoothie Bases

I’m all for making healthy eating as quick and easy as possible; especially in the mornings for breakfast when you’re trying to rush around to get out the door to work/school/uni/playgroup! Typically I always keep frozen berries in the freezer for my morning smoothies, but these piqued my curiosity when I was sent some samples.

These 100% natural, pure, blended, small batch smoothie bases come in sachets that you store in your freezer. Packed with fruit and health boosters such as turmeric, linseed or ginger, you simply add the contents of a sachet into the blender, add 250ml of a liquid of your choice (i.e. coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk), blend and breakfast is ready.

Goodness Kitchen Smoothie Bases (RRP $9.99 for a box of 4x 120g sachets) are available from supermarkets and gourmet food stores nationwide in a range of flavours. For more info visit www.goodnesskitchen.co.nz or check them out on facebook.

barkersBarkers Squeezed Fruit Botanicals

I’m still breastfeeding Miss E; I spent so much time pumping milk in the first six months of her life that I just really don’t want to go there any more. So barring well-planned special occasions (where I’m a complete and utter lightweight), these days I’m alcohol-free.

When Barkers of Geraldine sent these premium handcrafted cordials for me to try out I was ridiculously excited. Just in time for summer. I literally jumped for joy.

The new range includes flavours such as Squeezed lemons with lime, cucumber and mint; Squeezed blood oranges with lime and bitters; Squeezed redcurrants with cranberry and pomegranate; and (my favourite) Squeezed blackcurrants and blueberries with elderflower.

The new 500ml premium crafted cordials are available in supermarkets nationwide from RRP $5.99. For more info, visit their facebook page.

meadow freshMeadow Fresh milk

We don’t drink much cow’s milk in our household, but when we do it’s all about the flavour; we don’t do watery milk! This iconic brand has added a new milk to their range that is less processed with no added permeate. Milk without permeate retains a higher level of the naturally present protein and calcium which gives it a richer, creamier flavour (I was sent some of this to try so I can verify that it’s good!).

Available in blue, light blue and trim milk, with the same fat content as the standard variations.

marcelsMarcel’s Gluten Free range

If you’re a gluten-intolerant pancake lover but can’t make them from scratch without setting the stove on fire (or having them turn out like doorstops. Gluten-free baking can be so difficult to get right!), Taranaki-based Marcels has your answer. They have just added gluten-free Happy Pancakes to their existing range which now has a new look.

Marcel’s gluten-free Happy Pancakes (6-pack, RRP $4.99) and gluten-free Ooh La La Crepes (8-pack, RRP $4.99) are available in the freezer department of selected supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide.

oldelpasoOld El Paso Whole Grain Stand ‘N Stuff Tortillas

The husband loves his Mexican food so I was intrigued to give these a go when a sample turned up. If you typically find making burritos and tortillas messy, these make family mealtime quick and simple. Shaped like little bowls with a flat base, they are super easy to fill and eat – fresh salad with chili con carne, shredded chicken with crunchy veges – load them up with anything you like.

Old El Paso Whole Grain Stand ‘N Stuff Tortillas (RRP $5.99) are available now in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Images / NZ Real Health

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