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I’m always on the lookout for new and amazing health and wellness products for life in the kitchen, the gym and at home. Here are my current faves; a combination of some of the latest sample products that have come across my desk for me to try out, and the products I’ve found myself that I can’t get enough of right now!

coconut chipsThe Green Seed Coconut Chips

I love snacks a lot, and although I do like healthy snacking, I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to taste. Made here in New Zealand, these coconut chips are simply made out of coconut and the ingredients used to flavour it. Organic, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and with no added sugar, they are delish eating them as-is or incorporated into meals (try the sweet ones on pancakes or smoothies, or the savoury ones in salads).

Available in two flavours (50g, $4.99); Raspberry and Beets, or Smokin BBQ, find them in selected supermarkets or buy online from www.thegreenseed.co.nz.

earmuffsBaby Banz Earmuffs

We went to a music festival recently and took Miss E in tow! One of my top priorities was protecting her delicate hearing from the oonsty sounds going on, so I did some searching and found these online.

When you’re taking kids along to concerts,ย  car racing or other loud events that may damage their hearing, it’s important to protect their ears with earmuffs that are specifically made to reduce noise (a.k.a. not just toys). There are other brands of baby earmuffs out there but these ones come in great patterns and colours which was a big bonus for me, and Miss E LOVES them. They have a Class 4 ear protection rating which is one grade less than industrial-strength earmuffs, and are sound dampening so your child can still hear you talking to them, dance to the music or hear the cars racing by.

Baby Banz Earmuffs cost $44.50 – $49.99 and come in the standard size (for ages 2-10+) or Mini Muffs (for babies up to 2). For more info or to buy, check out babybanz.co.nz.

weetbixNew additions to the Weet-Bix range

This Kiwi breakfast favourite has come a long way since I first began eating two for breakfast every morning as a child in the late 1980’s. Weet-Bix have recently introduced two new products to join their lineup.

Weet-Bix Organic is made from certified organic wheat and boasts a 5-star health rating. It’s low in sugar, is a great source of fibre and is great for those of us who are keen to make a conscious choice about the quality of food we are putting into our body.

Weet-Bix Gluten Free Cinnamon & Coconut is an ideal choice for coeliacs and those avoiding gluten; packed with coconut, rice puffs and a hint of cinnamon, this Weet-Bix is just as delish as it sounds. Made from 77 per cent wholegrains, you’ll love these regardless of whether you need to be eating gluten-free or not.

Weet-Bix Organic and Weet-Bix Gluten Free Cinnamon & Coconut (both RRP$7.99) are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

highproteinmuesliHigh Protein Muesli

When she struggled to find a muesli that was high in protein without added sugars or fillers, Auckland-based Liz O’Callaghan took her love of fitness, food and health, and began producing her own cereal.

Made from natural ingredients, nutritious and delicious, the protein used comes from nuts, chia seeds, LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds) and free range egg white powder. They are a higher price point than your usual supermarket mueslis but you’ll get eight servings in a bag which works out to be less than $3 per serve for a healthier muesli made locally with quality ingredients.

High Protein Muesli is available in three flavours – Feijoa, Peach & Nectarine, and Berry (RRP $22.95). For more info or to purchase within New Zealand, visit www.highproteinbreakfast.co.nz.

kiwigardenKiwigarden Crunchy Apple Slices

I recently reviewed Kiwigarden’s Yoghurt Drops, but this innovative New Zealand company also makes these great Crunchy Apple Slices which come in a box of conveniently-sized snack packs.

I was given one to try the other day and Miss E has enjoyed chowing down on them ever since. Containing only Hawke’s Bay apples that have been freeze dried and had the water removed, there are no artificial preservatives or additives, they’re gluten-free and great for both littlies and grownups if you want a healthy snack. Just make sure you eat the snack pack in one go otherwise they begin to take on moisture again and lose the crunch.

Available from selected supermarkets (RRP $4.99 for a box of five 9g packs). For more info take a look at www.kiwigarden.co.nz.

skintonicSkin & Tonic Body Cleanse range

I was invited to the Auckland launch of these ages ago and now I’m gutted I couldn’t make it! I saw it later in the supermarket and bought one to try it out; haven’t looked back. Skin & Tonic products are now our household’s go-to for body wash. New Zealand-made with no sulfates or parabens, the scents are ridiculously luscious you might struggle to stop yourself from eating them.

Available from selected supermarkets in Loco For Coco (coconut, cacao and manuka honey), You Little Beauties (acai, goji and blueberries), Apple Of My Eye (apple, kiwifruit and lime), Hear Me Raw (watermelon, pomegranate and cucumber) and Salute To The Sun (peach, papaya and tangerine). YUM. I’ve bought all of them. For more info check out www.skinandtonic.nz.

Have you tried any of these out or does this make you want to? What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

Images / NZ Real Health

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