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I’m always on the lookout for new and amazing health and wellness products for life in the kitchen, the gym and at home. Here are my current faves; a combination of some of the latest sample products that have come across my desk for me to try out, and the products I’ve found myself that I can’t get enough of right now!

Yoplait Greek Style Yoghurt 2xProtein

2xproteinWe go through a lot of yoghurt in our household, but I’ve got to say when this one arrived on my doorstep it was pretty exciting. I sampled the Coconut flavour; thick and creamy, it’s decently filling and great with breakfast, dessert, or even just as a snack on its own or with fruit (most of this tub disappeared with fresh blueberries and desiccated coconut).

Containing twice the average amount of protein compared with Yoplait regular yoghurts, it’s also a great source of calcium and is made with live cultures.

Yoplait Greek Style Yoghurt 2xProtein is available in a 900g tub (RRP $5.99) or a snacking four pack (RRP $4.99) in Black Doris Plum, Coconut, and Honey and Natural. Find it in supermarkets nationwide.

Lisa’s Whipped Dips

whippeddipsI used to have an obsession with Lisa’s Feta & Caramelised Onion dip but after sampling their new Whipped Dips range I think their Vintage Cheddar, Caramelised Onion & Thyme flavour may have overtaken first place.

If you want a quick and easy option for entertaining, these delicious, light and airy dips are made from premium dairy ingredients and are full of savoury flavour. Gluten free and vegetarian, enjoy them as part of a platter with chips, crackers, carrot or celery sticks.

Lisa’s Whipped Dips (RRP $5.29) are available in Sweet Chilli Peppers & Roasted Capsicums, Vintage Cheddar, Caramelised Onion & Thyme, or Beetroot, Pomegranate & Fresh Mint from supermarkets nationwide.

Jazz Apple Snackers

jazzapplesI don’t tend to stray much from three types of apples when it comes to buying them at the supermarket, and Jazz apples are one of those go-to’s. My husband, myself and my daughter all prefer crunchy apples (hubby’s been known to leave them for the compost or for stewing after the first bite if they’re soft, floury or squidgy!), and I’ve never been failed by these ones.

Firm and durable – so they don’t bruise easily, dense, and crunchy, they’re ideal for a healthy and nutritious addition to your lunchbox or an on-the-go snack. Find the new-season, new-look Jazz apples in leading supermarkets and independent fresh produce stores nationwide.

Bean Supreme Cafe Range Burgers

beansupremeWe’ve been making an effort to be healthier and more environmentally responsible by reducing our intake of meat lately (which admittedly used to be excessive), so the opportunity to sample this range was good timing!

These innovative plant-based wholefood burger patties come in three flavours: Masala, Black Bean Beetroot, and Kumara. Ethically-sourced and freezer-friendly, these burgers taste delicious and are a convenient option for impromptu dinners, easy lunches or just a delicious, healthy meal.

The Bean Supreme Cafe Range Burgers are now available from RRP $7.99.

H2Coco: Coconut water blends for coffee lovers and chocoholics

cocochocDespite working in the health and fitness industry I was a latecomer to the whole coconut water thing. Then one of my nutritionist friends put me onto a brand that was particularly good, I developed a taste for it and haven’t looked back! I must confess I was a bit dubious when H2Coco’s new blended offerings arrived on my desk – Cocoespresso (flavoured with Robusta coffee beans) and Cocochoc (blended with cocoa powder).

I’m generally not much of a chocolate milk drinker and haven’t had much coffee since I was pregnant with Miss E, but liked these enough I would be happy purchasing them. Lactose, fat and dairy-free, without artificial flavours, these are a delish treat that will help satisfy coffee and chocolate cravings.

Keep a lookout for a more detailed review of the chocolate flavour in an upcoming blog post on chocolate-flavoured drinks and whether they’re actually any healthier than real chocolate!

H2Coco Cocoespresso (RRP $2.99; 300ml) and H2Coco Cocochoc (RRP $2.99; 300ml, $5.99; 1L) are available from all leading supermarkets nationwide.

Have you tried any of these out or does this make you want to? What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

Images / NZ Real Health

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