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This product test is a little different from my usual ones; mostly because I don’t have the resources to actually test whether it works or not (as I’d probably need some kind of lab equipment and a different career skillset!). However, when I was gifted a pack of Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner to try out, I thought this one was worth a post as it’s a concept I’ve never heard of before and the premise behind it is quite interesting.

Here are my thoughts on this natural cleaning product and why it’s so unique.


What are probiotics?

Most of us have heard of probiotics by now. There’s a lot of buzz in the health industry about the ‘good’ live bacteria that help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, assisting in keeping our digestive system balanced and happy (think yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, probiotic supplements etc.).

But what if we used probiotics against germs and bacteria in our everyday environment to keep it… balanced and happy as well?

Product claim

An alternative to harsh, chemical-based disinfectants, this All Purpose Cleaner cleans to the microscopic level. It effectively eliminates odour at its source, cleaning and protecting surfaces by leaving a layer of beneficial probiotic bacteria. This lasts up to 3-5 days, creating a safe, stable and odour-free environment.

In this kit you get a bottle of All Purpose Cleaner and a spray bottle for combining the concentrate cleaning solution with water. One bottle of Cleaner is enough to make 44 spray bottles and can be used on a range of surfaces including countertops, furniture, rubbish bins, windows, electronics, flooring, bathroom surfaces, toilets and door handles.

Additional health stuff:

  • Made without ammonia, SLS, chlorine, bleach or triclosan
  • Made from non-toxic ingredients, water based, no harsh chemicals or artificial scents
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol-free
  • Cruelty-free
Road test

Making the solution is very straightforward – you follow the instructions on the pack to combine some of the concentrated All Purpose Cleaner with water, then spray onto surfaces before wiping clean with a cloth. This does make a decent amount of solution for the trigger bottle. As it’s concentrate there’s less packaging wastage over time compared to standard cleaning products which is great.

You do need to bear in mind that the active/live bacteria in Airbiotics will only stick around for a week or so which means if you want it to be most effective you will need to discard any remaining solution around this time (you can use it to wash out your bath, sinks, toilet etc.) and make a new batch.

My husband’s ice hockey gear smells pretty awful – gloves, chest pads, helmet… – it’s caused when bacteria begins to break down the sweat trapped in the protective padding fabric which means it’s a pretty good place to start with a road test. As we’ve been trying it right in the middle of hockey season I don’t think it was quite effective enough to keep up with the new sweat being added each week, but we will keep using it during the off-season as the gear dries out and see how it goes.

Airbiotics can also be used on bedding, linen, pillows and mattresses, however, the Airbiotics team recommended a probiotic laundry detergent for particularly stubborn smelling fabrics (the hockey gear smells were embedded for a good 8 years or so, so I had no expectations!), so we will likely try that out in the future.

As for its hypoallergenic claim, when we spray with many cleaning products they create a layer or safe haven called β€˜biofilm’ where dust mites and pet dander can thrive. The Airbiotics cleaning solution breaks down this biofilm which means there is no place for them to thrive. As someone with dust and hayfever allergies, this is really appealing to me.

It seemed to work well as a general cleaning spray around the kitchen, baby high chair and bathroom, leaving no harsh chemicals or scents behind. I particularly like using it for the rubbish and recycling bins as we all know how grimy and smelly they can get over time.

Where to get it

You can get the Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner Kit for RRP $39.95 which includes a trigger spray bottle, 236ml bottle of concentrated solution and a microfibre cloth.

For more info and to purchase, visit airbioticsnz.com.

Thanks to Airbiotics for providing this product for review!

Image / NZ Real Health

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