FREE Download: Health & Wellness Planner


A free downloadable Health & Wellness Planner to print out. Stick it on your fridge, your inspiration board or anywhere else in plain sight to help remind you what needs doing and stay on track with your health and wellbeing goals. Because displaying it on a wall is more motivational than having it in an unopened app on your phone!

  • This is a free, downloadable, virtual product
  • No physical product will be provided
  • A4 PDF, printable for repeat use (as many times as you would like!)

NOTE: You’ll still need to go through store checkout to get this for free, but I promise it won’t cost anything 🙂

How to use the planner

Plan or track your week’s meals, tally your water intake, take note of your exercise sessions and purposeful activities, check that you’re regularly taking time out for recovery (this could be stretching, foam rolling, massage, an extra nap…) and record your hours of sleep each night. Electronic wrist trackers can be great for keeping tabs on these things, but your stats are easy to forget after the day is done.

Having a weekly planner like this helps make it obvious what you’ve missed in your work and how many days you have left to try restore the balance to your life!

Don’t forget to let me know on Facebook @nzrealhealth or Instagram @nzrealhealth how you’re getting on with your goals! Feel free to use the hashtag #nzrealhealth.

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