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beetroot dip

beetroot dipSocial gatherings may be fun, but easy snacking options for entertaining groups often tend to be a little on the unhealthy side. Healthy Food Guide nutritionist and Lose Weight for Life author Claire Turnbull offers some healthier entertaining tips and recipes to help you make your get-together more nutritious for everyone.

I love having friends and family over to share great food and great conversation!

The problem is, when time is short, chips, cheese and creamy/oily dips seem to be easiest things to grab and serve – but, after nibbling and chatting goes on, if you’re anything like me, you can end up leaving the party/event/family gathering feeling like you have gained a roll round your middle and a little on the sick side… I am sure we all deep down actually want to feel good don’t we?

The great news is, if you’re up for it, there is another way and this is the way I now do things. As well as a small amount of cheese (you will never get me to give up a small slice of blue cheese at a social occasion) or whatever your luxury item might be, you can serve some delicious healthy dips, some veggies/fruit, wholegrain crackers, olives, raw nuts and all sorts of other healthier goodies.

Today I am going to focus on making healthy dips at home; firstly because it is easier than you think and allows you to make a much healthier dip than many of the supermarket options and secondly because it is SO much cheaper to DIY!

To read the rest of this article and to learn how to make some delicious, healthy recipes for your friends and family, see Claire’s blog.

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