Road test: Under Armour Bra

Under Armour bra

Under Armour braGood quality sports bras are an important part of your fitness ‘uniform’ but they can be a difficult piece of workout gear to get exactly right. Did you know that around 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size sports bra? This means there’s a good chance that you’re one of them… Under Armour’s answer to this is their sleek new Armour Bra, which they gave us the opportunity to road test.

The Armour Bra is designed by women, for women, and has been created to give you the perfect fit; whatever your size and shape. They have also conducted hours of interviews and motion capture lab tests with athletes to ensure the Armour Bra provides maximum comfort and support when you are training.

Road test results

First we had to be measured to ensure the Armour Bra would fit correctly. We did this by taking three key measurements at the bust (fullest part), band (right under the bust) and cup (band size minus cup size), and then referred to a measurement chart to find the size that would fit best.

Finding the right fit is important to help prevent permanent and painful damage to your breast tissue during mid to high-impact workouts. Under Armour say a good-fitting sports bra should lock you in to minimize movement, encourage support, and allow for adequate airflow to prevent discomfort and chafing.

We put the Armour Bra to the test in a yoga class and an aerobics class. It’s definitely a piece of clothing that looks and feels great while exercising. It moves with you and continually feels light, even when you’re intensely sweating. The seam-free stitching and sleek design are form-fitting without digging in to your sides orΒ  your chest (there is no underwire), which means you feel comfortable during exercise. The wide adjustable straps provide good support and the moulded cups leave you feeling secure and ‘in place’, regardless of whether you’re doing tuck jumps or you’re upside down in downward dog.

Key features

– Strategic mesh venting for cool, dry, light comfort
– Ultra-soft back closure system for ultimate comfort
– Removable, perforated, quick dry cups
– Bonded seam-free interior edges for support and anti-chafing
– ‘Smart’ UA fabrics wick sweat and move with you

Where to get it

The Under Armour Bra is available at Rebel Sports, RRP $99.00. For more information, check out this YouTube clip:

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