Romantic date ideas

couple on beach

couple on beachIf you feel like you never see your significant other, perhaps it’s time to re-introduce a weekly date night into your relationship.

Spending time together – just the two of you (no couch dates with the flatties or the kids!) – is important for your bonding as a couple, not to mention your own wellbeing. Here are some romantic date ideas to get you started:

Cook a romantic dinner at home

If everyone else is out of the house or it’s just the two of you living together, go all out and cook a special romantic meal at home. Take the time to properly set the table, light some candles, play some dinner music, have some fresh flowers as a centrepiece, and cook the fanciest meal you know how to cook (don’t forget the garnishes!). Crack a bottle of bubbly, some nice red wine or – if you don’t drink alcohol – some delicious organic fruit juice.

Watch a romantic movie together

When Harry met Sally, The Proposal, City of Angels, Pretty Woman… Get out the microwave popcorn and rent a romantic movie to watch at home, or find one at the cinema. Holding hands at some point is compulsory. Of course, if you or your partner aren’t into romantic movies, find something that you both want to watch. After all, even a zombie thriller can have a romance story as part of it… right?

The only issue with movies is that you don’t end up talking much; for a bonus extra that will allow for more conversation, go out for frozen yoghurt or a hot chocolate afterwards.

Visit the place you shared your first kiss
If you can remember the place you shared your first kiss or where you went on your first date, go for a trip down memory lane and recreate that special moment.

Have a picnic

Pack a blanket and a picnic basket full of delicious home-made goodies (there’s nothing wrong with sandwiches!) and find a beautiful park or beach to sit at while eating your lunch. If the weather isn’t ideal, get creative with your location and find somewhere undercover. Even if it means laying out the blanket and basket on your lounge floor in front of the fireplace!

If you want to make this an all-day event, find a farmers market in the morning and get some bread, cheese, meat, salad ingredients and artisan drinks. Then use these to create your picnic later in the day.

Stay the night in a hotel
Mini-break getaway? Yes please! Book yourselves into a hotel and find a nice restaurant for your meals so you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up. For bonus points, book a couples’ massage together.

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